An Event in Autumn by Henning Mankell Review

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Thirty years of service under his belt. he has cleared up with patience and flair countless cases. My colleagues respect him. But in his bones and even more so in his mind he feels that he is old. Kurt Wallander now shares an apartment with his daughter Linda, for a year even policewoman in Ystad. Your everyday dialogues are reduced to the bare essentials – “a question that was not asked, nor asked for an answer.” On Sundays, the “Days of kindness”, accept the two special rules.

Now could change something in Wallander’s life. The melancholic attracted to the country. Because he believes he can again consistent with itself find, as are perhaps even dreams come true: a life partner find “buy a dog”. In this depressed, gloomy autumn mood, moreover on a Sunday. , a telephone bell is very inconvenient. But it’s mate Martinsson with a nice offer: Outside of Löderup in the area where Wallander lived late father, is a Schonenhof for sale.

He belongs to a relative of Martinssons wife.

For years vacant yard is completely run down. But if you would agree on the price, Wallander would be interested. He inspected the musty house between fruit trees and currant bushes and is pleased with it. The only strange, his subconscious sends him a message when he stumbles on his tour of a type of tree root; “He had seen something. Without seeing.” Before he moves back to Ystad, he must make sure again – and makes a gruesome discovery: From the ground to him stretched “a skeleton hand” against.

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The area is cordoned off, forensic and coroner begin their work. , On the night shine spotlights on the unreal place. From the earth brings you two dead bodies, a man and a woman, both decayed beyond recognition. They must have been lying here for many years.

In a murder case, which is so long barred, Wallander now takes his research on to the former owners. The crime must have happened in the chaotic war years. Refugees entered the country, served as male and female slaves, disappeared after a short time. Not everyone was reported to the authorities. Have resolved too many years the few traces of the Earth, the two bodies, or may Wallander still dig else?

This short thriller I really liked, and he fits perfectly into this misty-gloomy year-end time (Seine action begins in October and ends in December.). The veteran Mankell has as usual conceived a stringent and logically coherent plot and builds the story maximum stress on promoting and then to give her an unexpected turn. However, equally important for the joy of reading is the atmosphere, for example, is designed effectively by the crowing of nagging in the “Garden of Death”.

For Wallander experts, the question of how this novel is classified, where the series but with “The enemy in the shadow” (published up in April 2010) should find their final end. But the Swedish edition of “An Event in Autumn” did not come until 2013 ( “hands” by Wolfgang Butt translated into German), while his actions in 2002 playing much earlier than that of “The enemy in the shade.” In fact, the back story is curious about this crime and his publication dates. Henning Mankell has written, without publishing it years ago but him. Instead, the book was in 2004 translated into Dutch, because Mankell wanted to support a beautiful initiative of the Dutch book trade to promote reading: Every buyer of a detective novel was awarded the “month of the exciting book” this little volume as a free offer.

These and. further information we learn from the insightful epilogue “How it started, how it ended and what happened in between.” It gives us the author award a bit of it, as he has his protagonist Kurt Wallander give rise. Did you know for example that both (1948) were born in the same year? Mankell proudly points out that he had a good sense of impending historical upheavals; some Wallander novel had “anticipated events that are later actually occurred.”

The following is a chronological overview of all the Wallander novels by her Swedish release date. Is it good if a successful author discontinue production of its internationally beloved best-selling series? Henning Mankell any case followed his inner voice: “You have time to stop.” When the routine and no longer the lifeblood inspired writing, it is “to put the last point.”

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