The end of the innocence of Megan Abbott Review

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The following sample essay on: “The end of the innocence of Megan Abbott Review” Megan Abbott’s latest novel “The End of Innocence” focuses on the awakening of sexuality, the search for it, the early idea. affecting two 13-year-old girl, Lizzie and Evie, and what they ER and live through, is characterized by the peculiar two-faced America: On the one side is demonized physicality of puritanical prudery and oppressed, on the other is the citizens all freedom guaranteed , their personal profile to unfold and to live as they see fit.

So even the little girls have early bra wearing before is to hide or anything; at the same time it is important to be popular in the school society and to make considered, which means outdo the other brats to make the same age boys sharp, and that now is the best time with hip and tight clothes. However, the whole thing is merely a superficial show event, because in fact involved with classmates is below the level of popular stars, which emulate all.

Which high school queen may be, fat hairy heard of a spotty, hormone-controlled immature boys leave paw? Since it says but rather for an adult, a perfect man

Dusty, Evie’s older sister, is exactly the type of girls as they all want to be. Of course pretty, slim and happy, to a celebrated star of the school , with many hockey cups decorated – and especially daddy’s girl. Dusty is generous with her charisma and binds the father tightly.

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For sister Evie leaves no space; the two are located fiercely hostile and hate each other intensely. But Lizzie, the narrator, Evie since childhood, a friend and confidante. They are neighborhood children attend the same high school, and Lizzie replied Evie’s attention. However, it does not only because they are so close, cuddling together in bed and whisper – no, Lizzie feels at Evie’s father attracted. This Mr. Verver, Single Father, is a great pike, garden parties organized, going out with the girls bowling and rides skate with them. If he gives his attention Lizzie, his hand lightly touching her arm, then vibrates her heart, her dizzy, she feels a pull through and through. But before Dusty she must beware take, because that brooks no rival.

Everything changes when Evie one day disappear from the earth. And Lizzie knows something about it. Since there was someone to cigarette smoking was the night in the garden under the pear tree and watched Evie’s window. He often drove with his red-brown car past them. Now Lizzie puts at the center: The police told foolhardy stories, and Mr. Verver is devoted to her grateful. This can not stand Dusty, she moves in with her grandparents.

Evie reappears After days, but she returns completely changed back. She was in the hands of a man. What he might have done with her? For Lizzie’s imagination has no limits.

But now find Evie and Lizzie no longer quite another. Their friendship has got a plan, they do not trust each other more. So Lizzie turns to the unapproachable, conceited beauty Dusty. The whispers her secretly a web of lies to … The reader believe it or not, in what abstruse, curiouser, troubled world of thought put the girl. You intrigue of pure selfishness, so that hurt others deeply and the consequences are fatal.

how is how American representative of what we are told here? Is it normal to pubescent girls that not having the same age boys amuse, but rather men who could be their fathers, hot desire, think of sexual touching? For more, it may never come, of course, because a relationship has to – as Dusty always emphasized – be pure .

Megan Abbott has received several awards, among others the Edgar Allan Poe Award, the highest award for American crime writers. Your psychological novel “The End of Innocence”, translated by Isabel Bogdan, is not a crime, but a reading that probably appeals to women. A lasting impression has still not left the book with me – this seems to me the whole concept really too typically American.

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