Was an American writer, poet, editor, and literary critic. He is best known for his popular poems like “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee”. Edgar Allan Poe had a unique way of writing, he wrote his stories related to real like situations and always had a mysterious problem in the story. Most of his writing is very emotional because he always wrote while he was drunk and depressed. Edgar Allan Poe’s writing was not the ordinary type you would see in a short story.

His Writing was odd and creepy to read. In his story The Tell – Tale Story it is about a man who is scared of this old mans eye and ends up killing the old man because of it. After he killed the old man he cut his legs and arms off and hid it under the floor.

The police arrived right after and caught him. The Tell – Tale Story and the fall of the “House of Ushers” have a lot of things alike.

Both of these stories take place in a house. In the Tell – Tale Story the old man is put under the floor. In the fall of the houses Madeline is buried underground at her family’s house. It was a tradition for her family to be buried under their own home. The main characters in both the stories have unknown names. Roderick in “the fall of the “House of Ushers” was super ill and was hearing a whole bunch of things in his heads which caused him to go crazy, and in the “Tell – Tale Story” the killer was hearing a whole bunch of things in his head especially the sound of the old man’s heart which is what caused him to kill him.

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Some differences in this stories is that in the “Tell – Tale story” it was someone that killed someone, and in the fall of the House of Ushers story it was an illness that caused Madeline to pass away, and Madeline caused Roderick to die by taking over his mind.

In one of Edgar Allan’s stories it is about these two people named Fortunato and Montresor, Montresor has a conflict with Fortunato and wants to kill him. Fortunato is known to be a big, strong, and tough man, but Montresor knows that his weakness is wine. Montresor plans a way to get Fortunato into a underground vault to trap him down there and kill him. One day they were both walking down the street and bump into each other, the greet each other very nicely as if they were best of friends growing up. Montresor brings up the topic about wine and ask Fortunato if he would like to join him to go get the Amontillado. Amontillado was one of the finest wines in the world, that is what made Fortunato say yes to coming along with Montresor. When they got their they got two candles, lit them and starting walk down the vault. When they got to the vault the walls were covered in skeletons and bones of the older people that died.

The grounds were filled with wine bottles everywhere. On there way to the Amontillado, which was at the end of the tunnel, they stopped multiple times for some drinks. Finally when they got there there were three walls with bones on them and one without, the one without had a small vault inside, Fortunato went inside thinking the Amontillado was in there and got trapped in there by Montresor. Montresor changing him up and left him there. He put the bones back up on that wall and walked away feeling a little bad about what he did but he blamed that on the climate down there. This is a little bit related to the Gift of the Magi because he thought he was getting a gift but got trapped, and in the gift of the Magi, she buys him a gift but he sells it right away to buy her a gift later. The setting would be slightly different because in the “Cask of Amontillado” they were mostly underground in the cave and in the Gift of the Magi they were in their house as a family.

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