Stories by Edgar Allan Poe

The Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst and The Man to Send Rain Clouds by Leslie Marmon Silko are the stories that we read in class that is going to be compared to The Fall House of Usher and The Tell tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado are all short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. My thesis statement is that the stories we read at class and the three Edgar stories aren’t very similar. The setting for the Scarlet Ibis is in a neighborhood where two brothers live.

One is born with a disability, he can’t walk. The other brother is his older brother and he is a jerk and pushes his younger brother to the max limit to make him walk. One day he was running along side with his brother when a storm came by and his older brother said “hey catch up” and the younger brother tried his best to run but fell and got injured.

He was sent to the hospital where he was very sick and ill. His older brother felt bad but when the worst possible outcome happened the older brother cried and felt horrible because his younger brother died. The symbols in this short story is where his younger brother saw a little bird who also couldn’t walk by his window and later died. This symbolized the younger brother who is going to die in the near future. Now in The Man to Send Rain Clouds is also about a Mexican priest from a small local pueblo who was asked by two non-catholic boys to sprinkle holy water on his dead grandpa who passed away.

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They wanted father paul to sprinkle some holy water on his grandpa “so he can bring big rain clouds” said the boys to father paul. Father paul at first doesn’t agree but later agrees to do so. The symbols are the holy water representing rain clouds so there could be rain.

Both of these stories have two boys but the true comparison is that these two stories both have a related ending by learning their lesson. Now for the three Edgar allan Poe short stories. There was the Fall of usher which was a very gothic story about a man getting killed from his ghost sister and his mansion collapsing just after that. The Cask of Amontillado is about a man who was planning on killing some person. He eventually killed him by tying him up and covering him with bricks around him. Last but not least is the Tell Tale heart about a murder who killed an old man because of his vulture looking eye that scared him a lot. The murder visited the old man every night for some reason and one day a string of light hit the man’s eye which made the murder so uncomfortable that he decided to kill him even though he said “the old man has not done nothing wrong, its just that his eye I couldn’t stand it.” These three Edgar Allan Poe short stories are all very dark and Gothic and take place in old and spooky mansions. So the comparison between the two short stories that we read in class and the three short stories from Edgar Allan Poe are both different in many ways because Edgars stories are very unrealistic and the other two short stories are more realistic.

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