The Early Life and Works of Maya Angelou

There are many American authors; none had to overcome as much as poet, dramatist, actress, historian, filmmaker, novelist and civil rights activist Maya Angelou. Maya was born black, a term she would struggle with all her childhood. Today she standâlis as a strong tall proud African American women who has accomplished more than anyone thought she ever could. Maya gives speeches all around the world to young people at colleges and conferences. be later known asher Bailey Jr. as mosar her father Bai Marguerite Johnson was born on April 4th, 1928, in St.

Louis, Missouri to Bailey and Vivian (Baxter) Johnson. Who would be later known as Maya Angelou. Mayaâlls parents were not as loving and welcoming to Marguerite and her older brother Bailey Jr. as most parents would be. Maya wasnâbit born poor or rich. Her mother Vivian was a nurse and realtor, her father Bailey Sr. was a naval dietician. Once their parents love ran out for them and each other there dad shipped them to Stamps, Arkansas alone by train to live with his mother Annie Henderson.

Their grandmother did well during the Great Depression and WWII because of a general store she owned and operated. Maya and Bailey Jr. called there grandmother âld Mommaâio.

Momma was strict and asked a lot of the kids. She demanded respect and always made sure they said âliyes maâllam and no sir. Maya grew up in Stampsâll for the most part. It was a racially divided town.

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It was hard for Maya to grow up there and feel loved and beautiful in her own skin. Because of this it took Maya to realize how beautiful she really was. When Maya was eight she was sent back to her mother by her father who made a surprise visit to Stamps to collect the children. Momma foresaw this coming when both parents sent the kids Christmas presents after years of not hearing anything. While living with her mother Maya felt as if she didnâlit belong. Bailey was doing just fine fitting in and was even very athletic. Maya thought that Bailey even looked like he belonged there more then her. He was tall, skinny and looked just liked his father. Maya felt like an ugly step child. Vivian was beautiful and because of this she had many âlimen friendsall.

One really close friend raped Maya repeatedly and told her that if she ever told that he would kill bailey. Maya loved Bailey and they told each other everything this would be the first thing she kept from him. Once everyone found out about Maya being raped she went into a mute state for five years. People got tired of dealing with Maya not willing to talk that they sent her and Bailey back to momma in Stamps. Maya doesnâlit do well living with momma so she ends up running away to live with her father and his girlfriend. But for Maya this to turns out to be a problem to. After a month Maya finds herself back at her mothers. At sixteen Maya tries to prove shells a mature women and finds herself pregnant. Maya delivers the baby and names it Guy.

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