An Introduction to the Life and Literature of Maya Angelou

Maya Angelois, I know why the caged bird sing is an interesting and inspirational story. Although it had many unfortunate situation for Maya it seemed she always overcame her difficulties. As I read the book I stopped and put myself in her place. I felt her pain as she was walking down the isle in the church looking for the all colored bathroom, and she had no choice but to go to the bathroom right there and then. Her embarrassment really made me feel overwhelmed as I compared the situations of my life.

In my lifels situation I often feel just like Maya. When I walk into a room and I do not see people of my color. I often feel uncomfortable and afraid to say anything. Her brother Bailey was her role model and support system when she was raped. I felt so sad when I read this portion of the story. I tried to visualize the pain Maya went through, but could not conceive the struggle she was faced as raped by her motheris boyfriend at the age of eight.

Maya kept to herself and was not able to communicate with others, It was when she decided to move back to Stamps that she began to come around. Stamps, for the most part was a very segregated town. In Stamps, her grandmother owned a convenient store. Her husband uncle Willie was crippled at an early age when his babysitter dropped him. Maya felt right at home in Stamps. Her abilities to develop through her hard work and educational values grew day by day.

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Although being black was often time difficult for her in Stamps, she overcame the hardships by allowing the world of reading and education influence her. I felt really connected with Maya during this period of her life. I figured she wanted to learned as much as she could and to welcome the world with open arms. Her lifestyle of strict discipline and religion was the foundation she had in her life. When Maya moved to St. Louis she felt a part of her stayed in Stamps, she was afraid of the changes that were happening in her life. She felt that St. Louis was a foreign country. She often felt the disconnection with St. Louis and could never get used to the different thing that was happening in her surroundings. As Maya went back to Stamps, she welcomed it back with open arms.

It seemed that the only person that really made a difference in her life was her brother Bailey. Her experience in St. Louis wasnit that great and she often felt a desire to go back home where she felt secured. When she got back to Stamps, you could see that her development was growing, her learning experience was not only through books but through many of lives adventures. When she graduated the eighth grade. She must have felt on top of the world. She was at the top of her class, and everyone in town knew about it. When Maya and Bailey went to live in San Francisco, Maya felt a definite lost in her soul. She was not prepared to leave the comforts of Stamps. She felt Stamps may have been the only place in the world were she felt secured and free to grow and flourished, but I guess San Francisco was going to be a new experience for her. Maya had a long time to learn about the different life styles of San Francisco.

Throughout her experience in this new found place Maya always maintained her educational values and assured that she would continue to do go in school. The moving moment for me was to read of Mayals adventure as a homeless teen in California. Her experience in the junk yard must have been one of awe. As I read Mayals description of the yard I was able to visualize it in my mind. When she talked about the counting of the head lights as she went to sleep; the morning brightness and her ability to see Mexican, Negro and white people in the yard. I guess that Mayals experience in the yard had really helped her look at life a total different way. Maya became pregnant. At first she did not know how to handle it. She felt like she disgrace the entire family. She felt that she did a bad thing and was extremely afraid of the outcome. While she was in the hospital she was afraid to touch the baby, she must have been in the state of uncertainty in her life. The day the child was three years old her mother brought him to her bed. As her mother laid the child in her bed she awoke Maya. I really enjoyed this moment when her mother laid the child by her side and comfort her. I found that this entire book was inspirational and moving. I especially enjoyed the tribulations and happy times Maya experienced.

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