Othello's Downfall: Poor Judgement

Emotions can be very powerful and can influence humans to act out-of-line, In William Shakespeare’s, Othello, many characters make poorjudgements. Othello is one of the characters who experiences a downfall due to his poorjudgements which he makes throughout the play. Othello‘s poor judgment leads to the downfall of his relationship. Iago’s words get into Othello’s head He confronts Desdemona about his thoughts and calls Desdemona many names Firstly, Othello lets Iago’s words get into his head which lead to his downfall because Othello should trust Desdemona enough to know she wouldn’t be unfaithfult He accuses Desdemona of being unfaithfuli Othello says “I tremble at it.

Nature would not invest herself in such shadowing passion without instruction,” (Shakespeare 4130-31) This is significant since this is the beginning of when Othello starts to make assumptions about Desdemona being unfaithful. It shows the trust they had for each other, is being lost and is torn down a bit due to what Iago statedi Also, Othello gets a seizure because of all of the things lago said to him, “My lord is fall‘n into an epilepsy.

The words Iago said to Othello caused him so much stress, he fell into a seizure, this represents his downfall emotionally and mentally since all of the accusations about Desdemona hurt him emotionally and he got mentally ill which caused him to go into a seizure. Therefore, Iago’s words getting into Othello’s heads causes his downfalli Secondly, Othello calls Desdemona many names, which in return ruins his reputation as being respectable Othello calls her unfaithfuli He says ”Heaven truly knows that thou are false as hell” (4.

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2.43). Othello uses heaven/hell imagery to represent Desdemona being as evil as hell and that even Heaven would look down upon hert Othello calling Desdemona unfaithful leads to his downfall because he is hurting their relationship as well as tarnishing his own reputation. Also, Othello calls Desdemona a whore. Othello says “Was this fair paper, this most goodly book, / Made to write ‘whore’ upon?” Othello calling Desdemona a whore means he has lost respect for her, which is the foundation of any relationship, which further shows the downfall of him.

Therefore, Othello calling Desdemona names further leads to the downfall of their relationship, Thirdly, Othello confronts Desdemona about his thoughts which leads to his downfall because these thoughts aren’t true and are what Iago made up which shows he trusts Iago more than her, Othello demands the red handkerchief from Desdemona. “Fetch me the handkerchief- my mind misgives” (3480), This leads to the downfall of Othello because Othello gave the handkerchief to Desdemona as a gift of their trust and love, Othello accusing of Desdemona not having it means their relationship is gone Also, Othello ultimately kills Desdemona which is where he has fallen since he can’t go back from his morbid action. Othello says “By heaven, I saw my handkerchief in‘s hand. / O perjured woman, thou dost stone my heart, /And mak’st me call what I intend to do /A murder, which I thought a sacrifice” This is the final action that destroys OLhello’s relationship All trust and love is gone and Othello literally destroys his relationship, as well as leading to his own downfall because after finding out Iago set all of this up, he kills himself. In conclusion, Othello’s poorjudgements lead to the downfall of his relationship. Iago’s words get into Othello’s head. Othello calls Desdemona many names and confronts Desdemona about his thoughts The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.

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