Managerial Judgement

Managerial judgment is mainly used by the managers in decision making. * Managers judge the employees of the organization based on their perception, attitude, personality, ability of the employee. * The information regarding the above said behavior of the employee is accumulated and is used for judgment. This accumulation of information depends on the need (need here is to judge a employee and solve the problem) * People learn in response to need(brown & duguid). * Based on this accumulation two models are designed to judge the employee and their by solving the problem or making decision.

* The two models are: I) rational action theoritical model. II)functional model or linear model.

Essay Example on What Is Managerial Judgement

I) THEORITICAL MODEL * Managers intend to be rational in their decision making. This model suggests that information is accumulated even before the problem arises. * This information helps in judging the employees and thereby making decisions and simplifying complex situations. * Can help in building up cooperation between employees.

* There are two approaches in the rational action theory they are I) systematic approach II) Intuitive approach SYSTEMATIC APPROACH: * It is a step by step operational approach to solve a problem. * This align the intent of managers to be rational, thorough and fully understand the problem.

INTUITIVE APPROACH: * This helps in thinking the situation with all the political and social surroundings. * Stimulus motivates for accumulation of information. II) FUNCTIONAL OR LINEAR MODEL: * In this model the role of employee shows the path to be followed for decision making.

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* It mainly talks about how a manager can effectively solve a problem. REFERENCE: * Theoritical model of managerial decision making and accumulation of information by Dr. maureen L. mackenzio

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Managerial Judgement
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