Judgement In The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald talks about selfishness of others and judgment of God.Gatsby, also known as our protagonist, is a guy who sets his life around one desire. The thing that he desires the most is to be reunited with Daisy Buchanan, a women he feel in love with many years ago. Although this might seem romantic, unfortunately Daisy has a husband, Tom Buchanan, known as our antagonist. Tom is wealthy, yet a very despicable man. The Main conflict is really Tom and his actions.

Tom has a conflict with everyone in the book because he issuch a cynical and aggressive man. His biggest conflict is with Gatsby. Tom is very selfish and does not have the desire to change his self or his attitude. Along with Tom’s selfishness is the judgment of God. The author uses Doctor T.J. Eckleburg to represent something much more than just a billboard. He symbolizes Doctor T.J. Eckleburg as the Frowning eyes of God.

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Tom’s selfishness,leads to Mr. Wilson downfall. In chapter eight Nick talks about Mr. Wilson whom starts to become more aware of Myrtle and her affair.Nick specificallycontrast Tom Buchanan (who is not capable of feeling any type of emotion),with George who is devastated and overpowered by his own emotions. Wilson, who was grieving told nick that he had began to suspect his wife of having an affair. He had found a a very pricey dog collar in her room (from Tom) and a big bruise on her face one day (again from Tom).

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Wilson came to the closure that whomever was driving the vehicle was possibly the man having an affair with Myrtle. All the things that he found in Myrtles’ room was purchased or made by Tom. If Tom never had an affair with Myrtle, she would most likely have a nice caring/ loving relationship with Mr. Wilson. Tom was too arrogant and too self-centered to care about another mans’ feelings. He honestly did not care that he was sleeping with a married woman and he did not care that she happened to be marri…

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Judgement In The Great Gatsby
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