The Different Teenage Stereotypes in Society

There are many things that come along with being a teenager. i.e.: acne, hormones. drama. highschool. and lastly. being stereotyped. As if trying to escape the amaranthine drama of high school is not enough. teenagers are faced with the adverse ordeal of being labeled and the expectations that come with whatever label that they are given. Although. how we deal. break out of. and except the stereotypes we are given. are what make up our teenage years. A few examples of stereotypes acquired by teens are: the nerd.

the hipster. the mean girls. the partiers. the jocks. and the everyday. average teenager. To demonstrate one example of a stereotype given to teens. is the nerd. The nerd is perhaps one of the most well-known and unchanging stereotypes among the bunch. So what makes a nerd. a nerd? A nerd is a typical. small, puny kid who dedicates their entire life to studying. They tend to like comic books and Star Wars more than the average person.

and wouldn’t be caught dead playing a sport. A nerd is also one of the only people in the world who enjoy math jokes. Nerds have the mentality that education is the most important thing. and. for whatever reason. people tend to look down on this point of view. Next. we have the hipster. The hipster is the newest stereotype added to the bunch. and is similar to the nerd but with a twist.

A hipster can first be determined by what they wear.

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For example. one would never see a hipster in just a regular old t-shirr and jeans. But instead. one would see a hipster in cardigans. retro t-shirts. high-waisted pants. plastic framed glasses. or anything your parents probably would have worn when they were kids. Hipsters often spend their spare time blogging. in coffee shops. or reading a philosophical book under a park tree somewhere. They can also be categorized by their somewhat careless attitude. concern about the environment, and belief that every day should be. “chill.” Differing In every aspect from the hipsters. is the mean girls. The mean girls are the group of acrimonious. pretty girls who are not open to making new friends. They will never be caught wearing anything other than the latest styles- all deSIgner of course- and always look dressed to the nines. Their makeup and hair is always perfect. and if someone elses isn’t. they will not hesitate to point it out to anyone. To them. gossip and shopping are the basis for existence and the meaning of life is finding the perfect shade of lipstick.

In addition to the mean girls. the next group of teenage stereotypes is the partiers. The partiers are rebellious and tend to not care about anything. Although they can get along with just about anyone. their only friends are people who also “party.” because partiers do not simply just “hang out” on the weekends. For instance. one would never find a partier home on a Friday or Saturday night just reading a book or watching a movie. Instead. one would find them at a party where dubstep music is blaring. drinks are being poured. and probably some other form of illegal activity is taking place, This group of teens sleep little, live off Redbull, usually do not have the best grades, and get their exercise running from the police at parties. In addition to the list of teen stereotypes is the jocks. The jocks are the group of strong guys. who usually look like Abercrombie models and are portrayed as idiots. The jocks may come off as not being capable to do anything other than throwing or dribbling a ball.

The most important thing in ajocks life is winning the next big game or breaking the school’s last unbroken record. They dream of playing a sport for their favorite college, becoming a legend at their high school, or being drafted into the Hall of Fame. Jocks are some of the most popular kids in school, but are also tend to pick on the kids ”beneath them” or that are not as strong/cool as they are. Lastly, among the list of teenage stereotypes is the everyday, average teenager. The average teenager, if there is such a thing, is the kid who may fit into any of these categories, depending on the day. They mostly spend their days just trying to get by and attempting to make the best of their high school years.

Whether a teenager is stereotyped as the herd, the hipster, the mean girls, the partiers, the jocks, or just the average teenager, they are all somewhat the same. All of these subgroups of teenagers deal with the same drama; possibly the same problems at home, work, or school; the same issues with relationships; and the same issues with themselves. This is not very regularly recognized. because teenagers are very good at covering up their problems and blending in with the stereotypes to which they are placed in by society. Although, it is up to us to prove to the world that although there may be many aspects of ourselves that fit into one of these stereotypes, that we deep down are really all the same.

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