Dealing With Teenage Drug Abuse, One of the Largest Problems in Today's Society

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Drug Abuse by Teenagers

Research indicates that most of the drugs addicts are mainly the teenagers. Use of drugs started as an experiment and peer influence amongst the groups. Teenage drug abuse is one of the largest problems in society today. Despite the cultural practices fight against drugs abuse, it is still a major problem to solve. At some point, teens may feel pressured by their friends to try taking drugs, as they are easily accessible and may be used to rebel against their family or society.

Taking of illegal drugs may also be as a result of curiosity or the pleasure that it gives them.

Based on the interview conducted in various institutions, it is evident that a large number of students suffer from drug addiction. For instance, teens suffering from depression and poverty, are more likely to indulge in drug abuse. In this case, depression may be as a result of chemical imbalance and environmental influence within the society.

Drugs are the most readily available methods of emotional anesthesia, if not accessible, then they seek for an alternative substitute. Various life circumstance also plays a role in drugs abuse in the lives of the teens.

For example, growing up in a society where the use of drugs is just something normal, this creates a prolonged attempt to use drugs like others. Drug abuse at any age can cause serious health effects, but teens who abuse drugs are at more risk. Teenagers who abuse drugs are more likely to struggle in their whole life with addiction and may also result in a permanent brain damage.

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Emotional problems are the major challenge that tends to go through. In this case, the teens suffer from depression, suicidal thoughts, and mood swings. The continuous use of drugs leads to behavioral changes in that, they involve in violence, fights and even steal to quench the thirst for more drugs. Scholars prove that majority of drug abusers are lazy and depend on others for survival.

Over-dependence of such a working-group stage result to economic drag. To recover the youths from drug abuse, various educational programs should be established to educate the teens on the effects of drugs on their health and society. The intervention of such training and rehabs that will help the addicts to the recovery and oversee their behavioral adaptation after the termination of drug abuse. The government, on the other hand, should finance such program and help reach the society at large.

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