The Contrast between Increasing IQ Scores and Declining Creativity

According to the Flynn affect, the nation’s IQ scores have been rising over the last century. This is probably happening because people want to get smarter. They also might be rising because the participants are motivated to get good grades because good grades can lead to scholarships and because the IQs are the broadest use of measuring mental ability. They are probably rising because you learn new things each year in school. If I was asked how to use the math skill of substitution, during this fall, I probably would have failed that question, since I just learned that property of mathematics, last week.

Scores might also be rising because new theories are created every day. In the generations before Pythagoras, people didn’t know that a+bạ=c? because the Pythagorean Theorem wasn’t known or taught yet.

As the article points out, if someone asked you centuries ago how a dog and rabbit are related, an acceptable answer would be “You could use a dog to hunt a rabbit.

”Now, that answer would be unacceptable, and the correct answer would be that they are both mammals. Some ways to improve scores are that you could make sure that you read at a slow enough pace, so that the context is easier to understand and to read more. Most people even go beyond reading more, to read more challenging books like the Harry Potter books #4+, which are very interesting and have over 700 pages. You can also do challenging logic puzzles, to get a grip.

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About twice every 2 weeks, I make sure that I do a sudoku puzzle, to improve my ability to process logic. There is also a test with a steady decline called the SAT Test. It might be declining because the reading passages are boring or confusing. Usually, if I read a passage that is boring, I tend to skim through it, and get confused because I missed some parts.Also, there is a disadvantage if you are hungry or have anxiety during a test. People work a lot better if they have food in their system than if they don’t have food in their system. There also might not be as much creative people as there have been in the past. People might not be trying as hard in the SAT tests because they think they’ll be able to create their own company, and won’t need as much education (like Bill Gates). But the likelihood of this happening is very, very unlikely.

Another point that I wanted to make was about the suffocation of creative students because “They cannot breathe and are suffocated in school.” said a professor of William and Mary School of Education. But, creativity is very important in life because it involves helpful, everyday inventions. Do you think that if Thomas Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb, that it would be easy to see? Do you think that if Benjamin Franklin and the Junto didn’t propose the idea of a hospital, more patients would live if ill? Do you think that people would still have fixable houses if burned down and the fire department was invented yet? Creative students suffered in school because they don’t learn about how to create their new inventions. Some teachers are not nurturing creativity because they only want to help students pass standardized tests, like CBAs and MSPs. This causes students to forget their ideas because they want to get good grades, to get scholarships. This article was fairly written and presented an unbiased analysis of how IQ scores are increasing, but creativity is lacking in our society.

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