The Christian Perspective on the Morality and Validity of Euthanasia

The act of euthanasia is to induce a painless death, allowing a terminally ill person to die with dignity or to die quickly with needless suffering, It is a way of relieving the suffering of those with an incurable and/or degenerative disease, or for those in a Permanent Vegetative State (PVS), The meaning of the word comes from the Greek “eu”, meaning good, and “Thanatos”, meaning death. Some Christians believe that, because of the sanctity of life, euthanasia is wrong.

If life is truly sacred, then it should not be taken for any reason, However, some Christians also believe that in certain circumstances, the value of life is more important. If human life possesses dignity and is made in God’s own image, it is often reasoned that if this dignity is lost, any decision made to die with dignity instead of live without it should be supported.

Another popular Christian concept that come believe is that Christians must respect all living things, and their wishes.

If somebody wants to die, then this wish should be respected. Others may believe very different things, more focussed on the law than on the more spiritual side. One argument made against euthanasia is from the doctor‘s point of view. Whether murder or an act of mercy, the doctor would still have a patient under their care diet Another more economic idea is that keeping people alive on life support is not cost effective, and that euthanasia should be supported so as to put more financial resources into helping patients who will definitely get better.

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As I am not a Christian, the points of views of the various parts of Christianity do not apply to me, although I do agree that life has dignity. All through life, people compete with each other for status, power and respect. In my opinion, this is a right to which everybody should always have. While seriously ill, this is all lost, even the basic requirements for life having to be provided To be denied the right to make decisions about your own life, and to have your opinion respected should not be taken from you because of illness. If somebody truly wishes to die, it is my belief that this request should be respected at this time especially, at a time when practically all other dignity has been taken from them

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