An Argument in Favor of the Legalization of Euthanasia in View of My Ethical and Logical Standpoint

As I read through this article and many others I thought it would be necessary to stray my thoughts into two different theories, an ethical standpoint and a logistical one But overall I completely agree with the ideal of euthanizing an individual or oneself. My ethical standpoint is as simple as it gets: why should an individual deserve to live if he or she can’t respect life enough to keep it? If a person even thinks about taking their life then why should society have to deal with such an individual? There is no reason this individual deserves to keep something as remarkable as a life if they even think about wasting it, If someone can’t appreciate the fact that they are alive even when they are amongst billions of people then why should they get to be alive when other people with worse problems attempt to live through it? Humans are the result of four billion years of evolution on a planet so insignificant to all the other billions of planets in the billions of solar systems that are in one galaxy of billions of galaxies, we should grow up and act like it for once.

We can’t have such mental-emotionally unstable people polluting our nation.

Then there is the sick, the ones who cannot be cured and will be dying. The terminally sick come in all ages and ethnic groups but some of them all want the same thing, peace by death, To keep someone alive while in such pain is cruel and unusual punishment for no reason, that’s directly violating the 5‘” amendmentt Suicide is generally thought as being a religious affair, so the state should not get involved with the churches affairs.

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This is why we have separation of church and state and this is why we need to enforce it, One’s life is his or her own to take, if we have the right to live then why not the right to die? This has no ethical logic, even for the state. As Philip Nitschke, a famous physiologist once said: “My personal position is that if we believe that there is a right to life, then we must accept that people have a right to dispose of that life whenever they wantw I do not believe that telling people they have a right to life while denying them the means, manner, or information necessary for them to give this life away has any ethical consistency. ” What is not to agree with in that statement?

If we have the right to live, then we should have the right to die as well As the 8‘“ amendment states there shall be no cruel and unusual punishment. lsn’t denying someone their own death cruel and unusual since it should be no one else‘s choice but their own? I feel as though my logical standpoint is one of my most important. One of the main points everyone claims when talking about why euthanasia should be kept form being legalized is “Doctors are healers, not killers”. Most people would give a rebuttal with something along the lines of “The doctor heals the pain of life”. i personally find this a redundant statement. Doctors should stay doctors and continue to prohibit euthanasia, We could redeem the old occupation of executioners and simply make a license for them to euthanize people. This is a simple solution to a long talked about dilemma. On top of that it’s said that we should not resort to euthanasia but instead upgrade our health care system to give incurable dying patients the physical and emotional support and care they need This is implying our physicians should pay all of their attention on the already incurable and leaving dying patients in the dust to soon die themselves. I cannot fathom such an inexcusable waste of money in such a society that feeds on money. It’s said money isn‘t everything but in a nation like ours that‘s the exact opposite.

If you have money and a lot of it then you don’t need anything else, you can buy a house, you can buy a wife, you can even buy your children’s love, and does it matter if it‘s all fake when you’re filthy rich. We are already so emotionally attached to wealth that there is no going back which brings me back the point at hand. We should not waste the time and money on already dying patients when those taken rooms could be filled with people who need them. Take a look at the Netherlands, they are one of only a handful of countries to legalize euthanasia and they are one of the best places in the world to live. They have a great and stable economy with nearly no inflation, they have an average of only 5.45% unemployment rate. There is very little crime rate with almost no terrorism, and they’re allies with most other countries Euthanasia is almost like a cycle of cleansing the country, getting rid of the bad to make room for the new. If we can implement this system into America with the legalization of euthanasia, not only would it greatly help out our hospitals but also our economic goals as a whole.

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