The Changing Face of Food in the USA 

Monsanto is the first agriculture company that introduce triple-trait technology contain multinational chemical, and agricultural biotechnology corporation. It is also both herbicide and genetically engineering seed Supplier Company in the USA. Monsanto was first established in St-Louis by John Queen in 1901 and at first they only produce caffeine, vanillin, aspirin synthetic fiber and synthetic rubber. In the 1980’ Monsanto sold their chemical business and try to develop an agriculture biotechnology. They produce that kind of crops which were not damaged by kill weeds herbicide.

Their first production was milk from cows and they got approval from FDA and them continuing their sell. Monsanto try to help the farmers to produce seeds of fruits vegetables and crops such as soybeans, corns and cotton which helps farmer’s sustainable harvests. They also produce GMO products, at first potato then corn and wheat.

They are trying to help the farmers to supply enough food, feed and fiber to fulfill the world’s need. But the farmers of the USA complain that, they don’t have enough choice to buy their seeds.

The company not only tries to control USA farmers the impact also seen Brazil, India, and Europe. Right now their recent goal is to move agriculture forward to the world by using less of their natural resources. Their main focus audience is the farmers and they want to meet their needs. It has been 20 years, the Monsanto Company sells their GMO seeds in the world and they have more than hundred branches around the world.

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Although, Monsanto is a big and helpful corporation it also have many controversial issue. The company not only criticized by people it also have many negative reactions from the court. The court reported that, they are not careful to follow their rules by using and not using the products. The company had to fight with Supreme Court and had to pay a lot of fine regarding the court’s notice. The company always tries to move forward in spite of having many court notices. Many people think Monsanto is supportive, large and global company for the farmers and many others thinks the other way.

According to the article, Monsanto : Corporate Rap Sheet, Another claimed was noticed by wall street journal in 2000 that, the McDonald’s company refused to take Monsanto’s potatoes to make their French fries because of customer’s concern about the backlash. After that they discontinued to produce potatoes and continue to produce GMO wheat and give their best sell. But according to the USDA department of agriculture, there are some requirements to produce the organic foods. These are: soil quality, animal raising practice, pest and weed control, seed source and labeling. The USDA organic level is important to customers to know the quality of products. Monsanto must take submission to regulatory programs in the country or the world they decide to sell their seeds. It is also important to get the approval by regulatory agencies before sell any products.

Heirloom plant vegetables, fruits, flowers and animals were passed from previous generation to generation. The heirloom seeds normally bring the same characteristics from their parent’s plants. According to the article, Why You Should Grow Heirloom Seeds,” It was difficult to say that when exactly heirloom food was found, some people think that, heirloom plants were identified before 1951 and others think it was identified before 1920’s.” Heirloom food always gives more taste and flavor and it contains more nutritious. Many people think heirloom foods are organic because it’s only planted in small gardens and not applied in dangerous chemical. Even Though, heirloom foods are less expensive many farmers are rejecting to produce these because, its need more care and they think if hybrid and GMO are useful for human, why they should plants heirloom seeds. Moreover, sometimes they get difficulties to identify these. Consumers also complain about the heirloom foods because of their shape and color. As a result, the popularity of heirloom foods are decreasing day by day.

I support to the practice by American farmers growing and heirloom foods because it’s harmless and fresh products. I cannot support Monsanto because the controversy is still going on. They had to discontinue and stopped their products several times because of their bad reputation. Many people and farmers think they use dangerous chemical for protect their plants. On the other way, heirloom and organic food are grown in small gardens or farm and they don’t need to apply any chemical and their products also healthy and more nutritious. Monsanto is a large farm and they always concern about their business rather than people’s health.

General mills are one of the multinational and manufacturing food brands companies of USA. The company was fully established on June 20, 1928. It has been 150 years in the company running on. The founder of the company was James Ford Bell and few others. According to the , History of General Mills,” The location of the company was Minnesota and Minneapolis. They have now more than 30 locations across the USA. Around the 2018 the net sell of the company is $15.7 billion.” The flour milling business gives half of the business of the company. After that, Biscuits and Trix made a good profit when the Company was going to lose their profits. In 1941, in Buffalo New York, General mills making another turn to doing packed the dehydrated eggs for the Military. There was a partnership between US Navy and the company from 1946 to 1950. After 1878 they improve their safety level and improve high quality. Their products gave a new look as full of notorious and better taste to the customers.

Cereal is one of their most popular and main food, and they sell different kind of cereal such as Wheaties, Cheerios, kix, Trix, Chex, reese’s puffs, cocoa puffs, Fiber one, and many more. Wheaties was their first ready-to -eat cereal. It is made from whole grains and it is the source of fiber and vitamin B. Kix was their ready-to -eat cereal and it introduced 1973. It contains Mineral, Calcium, Iron and Zinc the main audience of the cereal are kids. Another major and popular food of the company is Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream. The company are sells more than 900 Haagen-Dazs shop in around 50 countries.

During the 1999-2000, while the general mills are growing up year by year their snacks items also became well-known. They made easy snacks for people to carry and eat. They sell granola bar, yogurt, chex mix and some snacks. Their main focused was baby, Hispanic, Millennial and the kids and older people. The Hispanic mother thinks this product is healthier for their babies because of their nutritious value. General Mills is the company who made the granola bar fast because of thinking people’s availability of times. The people who are health conscious they liked the products because it’s full of protein and fiber.

Another large consumer of these products is older people. Because, at the older ages, the doctors recommended for them consume more grain and fiber intake food in their diet. Macaroni and Old el Paso are the favorite for Millennial because its different from processed food. The General Mills company provide their employees about food safety and they maintain and continuing the process about more than half a century. This company 30 years ago, developed Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Process (HACCP) procedure for increasing their food safety. Comparing with USDA, the both companies are strict about their food safety rules. Food safety is not only important for the consumers but it also important for their workplaces and their workers.

The Slow Food Movement was begun in 1986 in Rome, Italy. One journalist Carlo Petrini and some of his friends try to make understand the people eating fresh and home cooked food instead of taking fast food from McDonald. They did not put any sign or flyer they made a slogan “We don’t want fast food, We want slow food”. Petrini and his friends passed the bowls of penne pasta to the people to make them understand not taking fast food. He wants to make a connection between plate and planet and he tried to help the small growers, the biodiversity and save the environment. After 3 years, December 10, 1989 the slow food movement was born and it’s implicated the culture and society around 15 countries. The Concept of Conviviality is the heart of the slow movement is: taking pleasure in the cooking, eating and share the food with others and increase the tradition of previous social togetherness. During that time the movement was decentralized and there is a leader for per chapter and is responsible for promoting local farmers, through flavors to the events and farmers market. Slow food now is on more than 150 countries and they have 150,000 members include not only Italy but it also in US, Germany and Gapan. Only in the US there are over 170 chapter and 2,000 food communities.

The taste NY is established by Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2014 and its highlights the quality, diversity and economic impact of food and beverages by grown, produced, and processed in NY state. The component of NY taste is to create new opportunities for producers through events, retail locations and partnership. They try to focus the public visits and take the taste of home grown food and help the agriculture.

The Fresh connect program designed to assist farmers of New York’s by increasing the sale of locally grown food in communities. The main goal of of the program is bring fresh food to understand communities and teaches proper nutrition education and help gives the local jobs. The first step of the market is “Farm New York” and for this the Governor invested for the states agriculture industry, and vital component of the state’s economy. The farm also focus support and expand the farms of NY and sale of the products, branding, marketing, distribution and also develop the climate of business. Food box delivered locally fresh grown products to the unserved communities and combine to the farmers and markets. Governor Cuomo said” These markets also help new communities by providing fresh produce, nutrition education and local jobs. This program also empowers al New Yorkers to choose healthy, affordable, locally grown foods and this is a winnable for the farmers and consumers”.

Grow NY was created in 1970 as the council of the environment of NY. This program helps to the unserved communities to purchase fresh, healthy, and grown products. Customer gets the products as a cheaper rate than the regular store. Products are including vegetables, eggs, fruits, apples, beats, dried beans. This program is also available in the school and senior center. Farm to the table means the food directly come to the table before going any market or store. This program of course serves fresh, delicious food and helps the farmers and the agriculture. The slow movement gives the togetherness of the society so that the member of the family can sit and eat together freshly cooked, tasty food what is the source of fiber and grain.

Food insecurity is not getting enough nutritious food because of lack of money, household scheduled, and lack of social support or condition to low access of healthy food. Nowadays it is a major concern all over the world and many people are suffering from malnourishment diseases for not getting nutritious food and most often not even food. In another word food insecurity means the condition living without healthy for social or economic condition. According to the US department of agriculture economic research, 95 percent people claimed by themselves that, they don’t have enough to eat.

Sometimes they get physically inactive and suffer many chronic diseases because of enough food. Food bank is a nonprofit organization that collects and distributes food to reduce the hunger. They storage food such as meat, fruits, vegetables and provide assistance to those in in individual’s need. The recent data of US said that, 88% clients reported by themselves that they get enough food from these agencies what they do not get from anywhere. Others said, they get chance to pay their bill and buy another necessary things because of getting food from here. Food desserts mean fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthful whole foods usually found in impoverished areas. Many grocery or store is lack of these products and this is the problem for people’s health.

SNAP is one of the big federal programs to fight hunger of America. Around 9.5 million family’s people are under on this program and it also called food stamp. This program provides a electronic debit card and people can buy nutritious food such as bread, fruits, vegetables, cereals, meats and dairy products. They cannot buy alcohol or drink or tobacco with this card. The Children, elderly, senior citizen, pregnant, homeless are under in this program. A 2010 study found that for every $1 billion of added SNAP founding between 8,900 and 17,000 jobs were created. Children under 18 years account nearly half (44%) under on SNAP. The main focus of SNAP is, no people will stay hungry in America. Single steps also a nonprofit organization that provide financial support to the poverty. Single step is partnered with LaGuardia Community College and it provides financial assistance with daily living expenses including food, rent, doctor’s appointment and child care.

After completing this paper i am able to know many unknown areas that, before I did not know about that such as food insecurity, Monsanto Company, Fresh Connect market. I am very happy to know that Andrew Cuomo provide this program and its very helpful for people and gives proper nutrition to people. Before i did not know that many people die in America because of lack of healthy food even the kids also. But I am surprised and happy to know that the Food bank and the SNAP supply all nutritious and healthy food for meets the individual needs. Before doing the research, I was not able to know the controversial issue of Monsanto Company. I am concern about that; sometimes they provide many dangerous chemical in their plants which is very dangerous for people. I believe they will think about that and try to avoid this kind of chemical.

When I was i find the information about Fresh Connect food it reminds me about my culture. In our country, people always try to grow their own crops in their small field. This is related on my food voice also. Moreover, the slow food movement also relates to my culture because, in our culture people likes to eat together and share food with their neighbors. While doing the research, I got plenty of information about SNAP, and Food bank I believe, this information will be helpful for me and for the society also. Because when I will see, anybody is suffering with hunger or having problem to maintain nutritious food, I can give information them about these program, and they will be beneficial and lives happily.

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