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Organic food is the agricultural food which is produced in natural way without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. With the growth of population the problem of food supply became extremely urgent in the latest decades of the 20th century. The only reasonable way out of such a situation was the reform of the agricultural sector and intensive use of the chemicals and pesticides, which stimulate the growth of vegetables and fruits. Evidently, great among of vegetables can solve…...
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Organic Products
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Definition of Ecopreneurship The term “ecopreneur” is derived from two terms which are “entrepreneur” and “ecology. An entrepreneur is a person who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods and who accepts the risks associated with them. (Schaper, Michael. 2002) He can be anyone who identifies an opportunity in a market and has a belief that it would succeed in the economy and on that belief he starts exploiting the opportunity. They…...
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Buying Local Organic Foods and the Environment
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Does Buying Local Organic Grown Foods Help the Environment? Does Buying Local Organic Grown Foods Help the Environment? Buying locally grown organic foods helps us have a cleaner and healthier environment. Getting local organic foods rather than conventional foods reduces the carbon footprint that conventional foods bring about. This means that your food travels a lot less distance than other foods would. It has been said, that on average, a fresh food item travels about 1,500 miles just to get…...
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