The BYU Idaho Program

Two years ago I was visiting my cousins in Idaho. My cousin was talking to my mom about an awesome program that BYU Idaho offers. The program came with a high paying job. The program required a four-year degree. I was interested, so I went over and listened to what he had to say. After he was done I researched additional information on the program.

When I saw how much money they made annually, I was hooked. Safety inspector’s salaries start at seventy-one thousand dollars a year, and it could go up to 150 thousand dollars a year.

Safety Specialists are required to have a strong understanding of all school subjects such as math, English, physics, science, and have good people skills. I like that the job requires people skills. I love moving around and visiting new places. This job will have me going to different places: meeting, working with and talking to various groups of people. The more I read about the job, I started to realize that this job was my dream job.

With this job, I would have a guaranteed place to work right out of college. Organizations will always need someone to inspect their work, and machinery, so this also means I would have a secured job.

I also love the fact that you can wear suits for this job. Suits help you be and feel more confident. Another great thing about this job is that it goes well with my personality. Base on the test that I took at the beginning of this class.

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I have an entertainer personality trait.

Entertainers are outgoing. They love to be with people while doing fun activities such as biking, hiking, movie watching or just talking. They are considered fun by other people. They are also not afraid to try new things. Entertainers are not shy, and they are constantly looking for an audience to tell a story to or amuse.

The history of the product

I found a lot of information on the history of safety inspectors. The program was started in the 19th century. People at that time measured how dangerous a job was, by the number of injuries people acquired. This wasn’t based on the number of people who got hurt in five or six years. The companies at that time measured them by injuries acquired in a year.

The shift between safe jobs such as farming, fishing, and other various types of jobs of the same nature to manual faction jobs created a dangerous working atmosphere. Mainly it was the lack of understanding and ignorance on machinery usage. The rate of injuries in the mines in the nineteenth century was 300 to every 100 thousand miners.

Before the 1880s people had only fragmented information on the safety of workplaces. This was due to the lack of care from the contemporaries (who were artists, musicians, politicians, and business owners). In 1862 Abraham Lincoln came up with an idea to fix the issues.

Abraham started the USDA’s Division of Chemistry. Their job was to inspect the food that was sold to the public. This job was led by Charles M. Wetherill until Harvey M. Wiley took it over. Harvey was the person that really got people to be aware of the mistreatment of food. Harvey was appointed the chief of the chemistry department. After he got the attention of people, and they became aware of what they were putting in their mouth. He started setting standers for how food should be handled.

I knew Abraham Lincoln was amazing, I didn’t know how amazing he was until I did this research. He wasn’t just fighting The South, he was fighting for the safety of the people’s health.

Job outlook and education needed for this career

I wanted to be a Safety Specialist and they need a four-year degree. They also have to be knowledgeable in all fields. They work with companies that deal with various problems, and they have to be able to explain what the companies are doing that is unsafe. know what is wrong with, why need to fix it.

  • The History behind safety management systems.
  • The social history of medicine.
  • ESFP Personality type- the entertainer.

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