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Although orientation programs are design to reduce stress associated with starting the new job, quite often new employees are presented with huge amount of information and procedures, compressed into short brief which only increases the level of anxiety their experience. It is up to management to find the right balance.

In Australia where unemployment Is at Its lowest mark since 1974 and stands at Just 4 per cent, staff shortages in hospitality Industry are significant (Austin, 2008). Keeping the new employees at the Job by developing well-designed orientation program Is than vital.

The purpose of this paper is to develop an induction plan for the first month of work for a restaurant hostess. To do so a short description of a restaurant and few assumptions are needed. Restaurant is located in historic Rocks area in Sydney.

It is a busy restaurant with capacity of 800 guests. Big terrace has about 350 seats and caters for a la carte customers, inside of the restaurant holds up to 450 guests and is mainly used for weddings and various functions. Open for business 7 days and nights. First two days of the orientation program would be away from normal, everyday duties and delved Into three and five hour blocks.

What Is Induction Program

DAY 1 (3 hours) On the flirts day new employee will get familiar with the organization and the property as a whole.

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Main occupational health and safety issues will be also discussed. General Manager is going to conduct the general property orientation and cover topics such as: Restaurant’s mission statement Management philosophy Personal forms polices and procedures Role of employees In meeting company goals Relations between guest and employee People AT teen company History An employee should benefit from this part of induction by having better understanding of company’s expectations of them.

Employee feels how important and valuable he/she is for an organization. Motivation and commitment is also established at this stage. General safety and emergency procedures should be than introduced (appendix 3). For example: Always clean up spills and breakages immediately. It is usually someone else that gets hurt. Dispose of broken glass or breakages in proper receptacles. Inform managers of any accidents immediately. Know where the fire extinguishes and exits are. Report any hazards to your OCHS committee member and/or manager. If an injury occurs at work o must complete an accident form.

It is employer responsibility to ensure that employees have appropriate OCHS skills and is regulated by the NEWS OCHS act. Induction program provides organization with the opportunity to train new staff in accordance with their OCHS policy and programs (Work Cover NEWS, 2003). It is advisable that this information is presented in written and verbal form, and supported by a tour of the property. Orientation kits are given to the Hostess to support discussed matters, such as “policies and procedures” (appendix 3) and information about “hostess training” (appendix 1).

Orientation kits enable employees to reflect on the information and think of questions they may want to ask. DAY 2 (5 hours) Second day of orientation program will focus on topics directly related to Job performance. Responsibilities presented in Job description will be analyses. As for the Restaurant Hostess main duties would be to greet and seat guests, offer menus, let them know who their waiter is and farewell them. Busiest time for the hostesses is between 12. 30-1. Pm for lunch and 7. 30-9. Pm for dinner, after that time pressure is shifted to the floor staff.

New hostess should get familiar with number of tasks which may assist with overall service of the guests (appendix 1): Re setting tables Running food Running drinks Clearing tables Taking orders Polishing cutlery Folding napkins Washing glasses t Is a general practice Tort nosecones to perform canceling or receptionist Gutless rater they get to know reservation system of the restaurant. By allowing the hostess working one shift per week as for example receptionist, apart from sense of variation it also gives them physical and mental break from usual duties. Being on their feet for up to 8 hours and smiling on the same time could be tiring.

Therefore general cross-training should be provided and run by receptionist/cashier. Importance of grooming and appearance (aesthetic values) should be underlined (appendix 1). For example: black shoes, long pants (no Jeans, hipsters or mid drifts), ironed black long sleeve shirt. Hair neatly tied back, minimum Jewelry. No oversized earnings. Subtle make up and clear nail polish. Importance of body language and being hospitable should be brought forward. The nature of hospitality industry is working with the public. High level of general and personal hygiene as well as safety is than essential.

Hostess is then introduced to people she will work and interact with as well as to office workers (Function Managers, Wedding Coordinators). This aspect is in particular important since Hostess is usually the first person customer faces when coming to the restaurant. Hostess should know how to deal with people coming for a meeting with MM, trying to sell something, asking for a Job or inquiring about wedding or function. Various policies and procedures are discussed, including those related to start and finishing times, rosters, holiday requests, sickness, payroll, superannuation, staff meals, staff concessions and trial period (appendix 3).

It is important to take that part of orientation seriously, but unfortunately many managers tend to delegate closest available employee to help with induction process. The opportunity of directly influence employee behavior is than lost. OCHS issues differ for specific Job areas. They are outlined to the new employee it detail on the second day of induction program. In a particular restaurant analyses in this paper Hostess can be exposed to number of hazards: UP radiation (Restaurant front-desk is situated outside) wet environments Animal and insect bites Lifting and shifting tables Assaults Outside gas heaters Uneven surface

Hot, cold and Appropriate control measures are than introduced and discussed. Minimizing UP exposure Protective clothing Ann-insect sprays Proper posture when lifting Handling difficult guests and complains Following manufacturer/supplier procedures when using special equipment Avoid running and wearing high hills I newer are many advantages Tort provoking detective Neal Ana estate training. Company’s image is enhanced; costs related to labor turnover, accidents and absenteeism are reduced; employee satisfaction is improved; and main goals and objectives of the company are meet more effectively and efficiently (Work Cover NEWS, 003).

Importance of creating safety culture in the company is great. During remaining 28 days of induction program, main focus would be laid on close supervision. Managers will observe and assist the new employee in the process of learning the new Job. While performance of the new employee increases, time spent on watching and helping new employee should decrease (Woods, 2002). The best and effective way for a new hostess to learn her Job is to observe and work with more experience worker (Head Hostess).

Some organizations call it “buddy’ program and in this case such program would be appropriate. In practice managers tend to make the mistake of roistering new hostess alone for the lunch shifts Monday to Thursday because is not busy. Inexperienced hostess is than confronted with unfamiliar and new scenarios and quite often various mistakes occur, which could cost company lost business or bad image. After about a week of on the Job training, manager should have a meeting with the new employee and discus the progress to date and talk about expectations towards him in the future.

Formal, first appraisal should take place at the end of the orientation program and could be marked as an end point of he process. Managers could than present the new hostess with a short test to determine level of orientation. Job related questions and case scenarios could be included in the test. For example, what do you do in a situation when: There is a booking for 15 people on a busy Saturday night for pm, at 7. 20 they are still not here.

Peak hour at the restaurant, someone is enquiring about Job vacancies. Family birthday party, couple of kids are running around bare foot. Customer tells you about his food allergies while you sitting him. Queue at the door is getting big and you can not cope. Drunk and abusive arson approaches front desk. New employees who are adequately orientated should answer those questions correctly. At that time decision about the future of the new employee have to be made.

Companies who have well-designed and developed induction programs are more likely to perform better in a competitive hospitality industry. Orientation programs are especially important to big organization as it is fairly easy for a new employee to “disappear in the crowd”. Some sophisticated new workers can trick the management by well performing only when they know that they are being watched. Induction orgasm help companies keep valuable workers and avoid getting stuck with someone they do not want, before is too late.

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