The Beauty of Your Hometown

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Paul Cézanne was a French painter that was born January 19, 1839, in Aix-en-Provence, France, Paul had to work through many struggles to be where he got to be at in life.

In Cezanne’s early life he loved to paint lands scape’s, fruits and object he was quite well a paint in his young life and when he graduated he convicted his father to let him go to the art university of Paris, his dad agreed to let him but he was not accept, so when to a close by small art university in with it was mostly painting nude people witch compare to the rest of the students he was the worst of the class, witch not to long after he quit and decided to study law so he could join his father back home in baking, but before he left back he met Emile Z.

Witch later Emile came to be one of the greatest letter writers of his time.

Cezanne’s life’s work are more known by his famous portraits of people always looking stubborn and serious looking, also Cezanne’s Still life painting is in a New York auction Going for $60500000 which represents the still life and loneliness of his life at the moment which most of his art work is about.

Paul would like to paint about dark periods, cubism, and people’s life, He was called the ‘’father of all of us’’ by Picasso and Matisse he also started the medal award for art achievements in France.

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Paul Cézanne Significance was the preeminent French artist of the Post-Impressionist era; he was unsatisfied with the Impressionist dictum and some of his paintings.

He loved nature and using bright colors which signified the love for color and He used color to show form and depth of his art, He was inspired by the food he bought at the open-air market in his hometown of Aix-en-Provence he never painted with other food that wasn’t open air market food, after shopping, Cézanne would return home, arrange the fruits and vegetables on his table and paint them he also wanted to capture the beauty of his hometown.

Finally, the life of Paul and all his success also brought him depression and diabetes from not eating right and stressing over all of his art and what people said of his art and his father’s death.


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