My Hometown Has a Lot of Mexican Culture

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Hello, my name is Mariela Aguilar. I am currently a freshman here at The University of Arizona. I am majoring in Criminal Justice because I have always had an interest in this work force but, the main reason why I am studying it is because I eventually want to work in the field of (CSI) Crime Scene Investigation. When I was small I got so, interested in it that I would always watch shows relating this major. One of my favorite shows would probably be “Criminal Minds” and “Dexter”.

Where I was born was in a small town that’s near the border it’s called Nogales, Arizona. So, I had kind of gotten the idea of me being like one of those cops there but, as I grew up I was more hooked into doing something in forensics. Even though I was born there my parents decided to move just next to Nogales which would be my hometown that is Rio Rico, Arizona.

This town is really small that mostly everyone knows each other.

As you can tell by my last name, you already can get an idea that I am Hispanic and I fluently speak both Spanish and English. This means that I am bilingual and can sometimes have an accent. Both of my parents are from Mexico. My dad is from the south side of Guamúchil, Sinaloa and my mom is from a small pueblo called Trincheras, Sonora. I have visited both places and they are great the Mexican culture is so, different compared to any others.

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Even in my hometown there is a lot of Mexican culture involved due to mostly everyone being Hispanic and the influence we have by living next to the border.

The mexican culture overall, is so beautiful it has it’s advantages and disadvantages and that’s what I like. People can really have good conversations due to use of words and the spanish language is so, easy to learn and actually learn it really fast. In Mexico, there are a lot of traditions that are normal and fun for people in the Hispanic culture. For example, El Dia de los Muertos is a celebration that brings all of the hispanic communities so, they can celebrate by honoring those loved ones who have passed and would want some peace for both the deceased and their actual family. Me and my family celebrate this but not as big as a party how it’s supposed to be, in this type of parties a lot of people get together and gather a lot of types of foods especially the favorite foods from the ones that passed. This is celebrated on November 2nd the things that are mainly presented during this day are skeletons, different colorful flowers, foods, and carnivals.

A form of socialization in this culture would be when our parents really care for us and want the best for us even though they can be harsh with the words they use. Mostly all Mexican families use these type of words to encourage us to stop doing what we are doing wrong and to focus on something good. Since, back then life was different for our parents, they want us to actually go to school and finish and actually get to accomplish our dreams even if they didn’t. They teach us to be respectful to everyone even if they don’t deserve it and to not laugh at serious matters and have some maturity in us. For values, I would say that they taught to value our friends and to make good choices. What I mean by that is that friends will usually become family and they will be welcomed to your home as he or she would be as part of your own family. They will get the same advice your own parents give you to not do bad in life.

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