Gender Roles Have Changed a Lot

Life has changed a lot since the old days, and there has been many improvements to gender roles, but have you ever wondered how we got to this point? In 1894, a woman by the name of Kate Chopin published a short story called “The story of an hour” which focused on a recently widowed woman by the name of Mrs. Mallard and her struggle with freedom and confinement. As said earlier life has changed and more so women’s rights, so imposition is not such a problem with women as it was in the past, the problem is society itself as it controls us and manipulate our believes.

The institution of marriage did change tho, making it more fair for both sides of the party. Chopin helped achieve women’s rights with her influential writing, improving the life of how gender plays out in this century.

Society affects us in many different ways and we may not even realize it. The meaning of the word “society” is, a group of people coming together and creating rules to live in harmony, but because of those rules you are not allowed to many specific things because they are not seen as socially acceptable behavior or actions, and instead pushes us to do something more acceptable to their standard.

As this quote states, by an art student Thomas Rothwell, “Its a two way process because we are society, altogether.” this may conflict with men in the 18th to 19th century controlling women but “If you are one of the self driven people no one can control you specially not the society but if you have weak decision making skills and lack of self confidence, society may or may not influence your decisions and hence controlling you.

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” (by Pranjal Shandilya)

This may make it clearer because men were manipulatives, had more power in society and we men are biologically stronger and smarter than women but some feminine power did come out to light in many different ways like writing and posters hanged out in the walls of the cities. Anyways, imposition is still a problem in today’s world but not as its was 100 to 200 years ago, you can oppose imposition because you made it, you are imposing yourself. The institution of marriage changed but not for everyone, as woman and men are still being proposed by force, no love here, just money. As said by senior correspondent German Lopez, “the practice of arranged marriages remains prevalent in some countries, such as India.” arranged marriages is still an issue in other countries, something that was prominent in the western parts of the U.S. around the late 18 and 19 hundreds.

Another change,”marriage rights in the United States have become more expansive, as states repealed bans on interracial marriage in the early 20th century.” (written by the same person) people from different races weren’t allowed to marry! Keep in mind that same sex marriage was banned too; The institution of marriage has changed this much and is still changing, because we make it change, it’s our generation that rules this new era and hoping other countries also makes the right decision of freeing their people and treating them right. Chopin’s stories helped get rid of women’s right suppression and how the institution of marriage runs it’s rules, making this century less enslaved in our own thoughts. Basically not only did Kate illustrate what a woman was going through the time by her writing, she also helped improve the lives of many other women around the globe. This was important, it was key for woman to be free of men’s control and power. This should be relevant because woman were claustraded of their thoughts actions and possibilities. Only imagine if you would live in a sexist and racist world that constricts you of every possible desire you have and want, lucky us that live in a time of peace and some minor controversies.

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