Technology Cause and Effects

There is no disagreeing the fact that technical improvement has had a negative influence on the planet. Everything from the air we inhale to the food we eat is polluted these days due to the use also misuse of special innovations of technology. likewise, pollution in air is done my motor vehicles. Insecticides infect the food we eat. Some people believe that the only way to inverse environmental damage caused due to technology is to adopt a simple routine. Others claim that technology can disengage the destruction caused due to it.

To start with, the reason that we all should now be aware of greener life, void of technology is impossible. We are so acclimatized to have technology in our life that it is now unbearable to imagine a world without lights, fans, freezers or supercomputers. So, even if technology is triggering substantial environmental damage. it is difficult to persuade people that they should stop using it. The impact that social media has on each human being have clear advantages, people from different nation are brought together via networking sites such as Facebook, before the development of technology and social media, people were having a rare chance of meeting and talking with anyone of their community or close relatives.

An enhanced answer is to invest in eco-friendly machineries that can alleviate much of the ecological injury previously completed. Technologists have now started operating on them. similarly, many trains now run on electrical energy. They cause much less contamination than diesel engines.

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Electric cars are additional auspicious technology. It is safe to simulate that in ten to fifteen years, they will entirely switch cars running on fossil fuels. Likewise, greener energy sources like wind and solar may soon replace conventional energy sources like coal. Having a glimpse on social media, the effects of Facebook and other social media sites on communities are negative and can be seen easily, individual person taking part in local community, stead of selecting to have more interest in online chatting. Basically, the local communities are not having close or supporting relationships are before. Furthermore, people choose to become bitty and incoherent and spend more time on social media with whom they have never met face to face also they do not know they will meet them or not in future.

To conclude, while it is true that technology triggered a great damage to the nature, it is also all proficient of discovery clarifications to the difficulties it. affected. As technology regenerates to improve, it is sure that it will become fresher and greener. Thus, the argument that adopting a simple life is the only way to mitigate environmental damage does not hold much water, although social media sites have brought us closer, some of them do not have bad effects on society and communities. Communities should try to get more involved in local activities and promote them for future.

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Technology Cause and Effects
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