Incorporating Talent Acquisition in Our Talent Strategy

We look at Talent Acquisition as more than just recruitment but as an integral part of a holistic Talent Management Strategy. That’s why we take a unique approach to Talent Acquisition; we help organisations evaluate their competencies inventory, recruiting resources, process efficiency and compliance and their ability to execute their overall business strategy.

We are your Recruitment Outsource Partner with a variety of tools in our chest to accommodate a customised solution that suits your needs. We provide professional end-to-end recruitment services using Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions, psychometric assessment tools, pre-hire screenings (reference checks), offer negotiations, onboarding/orientation assistance, integrated structured interviews, assessment centres, and even interview training for your managers.

We create and align multi-faced online attraction strategies through innovative recruiting technologies and metrics. We believe in staying abreast of technology and trends especially in social media, social sourcing and social recruiting.

We are determined to building successful candidate connections and experiences, and exceed your recruitment expectations.
Why work with us? RPO, on average, saves companies 50% when compared to contingency search fees.

Even if a company Is not using contingency recruters, cost saving opportunities are still present. We are well established in various industries and know where to find more qualified candidates through our strategic alliances and networks. When you combine this with the recruiting expertise, stellar processes,
technologies, we simply perform better.

Even if you don’t use contingency recruiters, there are other significant costs associated with the search for a new employee that most companies do not track:

  1. Job postings costs
  2. Recruiter costs
  3. Lost productivity costs
  4. Training costs
  5. Pre-hire Screening costs
  6. Hiring manager lost productivity because of interviews
  7. Trainee doing a role instead of a veteran
  8. Lost sales opportunities dues to being understaffed
  9. Mistake costs
  10. Lowered employee morale

The benefits of a RPO engagement to an organization will vary based on uniqueness of each company and its current situation, but these are results of successful RPO engagements are typically present:

  1. Reduced attrition levels
  2. Reduced costs per hire
  3. Reduced time to fill
  4. Legal compliance standards met
  5. Quality of hires increased
  6. Standardized recruitment process established and ultimately improving your
  7. Brand
  8. Accurate metrics to help measure success

How Can We Add Value?

Unique Value Proposition

Competencies inventory.

What competencies do you have, what competencies do you need now, and what competencies will you need in the future? It’s crucial to align your workforce strategy with your business strategy. Performing a competencies inventory is the first step to understanding where you are today and what you’ll need to be successful in the future.

Recruiting resources.

This includes both human resources (as in people) and the tools, methods and techniques used for recruiting. Evaluating your recruiting costs and efficiency is important as well as leveraging your employment brand (or creating one).

Process efficiency and compliance.

Do you have the processes that support the efficient acquisition of talent? Do they meet the needs of your internal customers? Are they compliant, or are they exposing you to undue risk?

Ability to execute.

How are your resources aligned with your needs? Do you have sufficient resources to source and recruit the talent you need? Do you have executive support to put in place the recruiting resources that will allow you to execute your workforce

Channel of Qualified Talent Pool

Through our individual competency development programmes and Achievement Academy we create a channel of qualified individuals ready
with the competencies required to succeed in the workplace.

Flat Fee Recruitment-Cost Effective Alternative

We reduce your recruitment costs since our flat fees are much lower than executive search firms. We partner as your Human Resources outsourced department promoting the best candidates, and not the highest paid. The flat fee is paid on a time-applied basis so it is phased depending on services rendered and not on a contingent basis.

Workforce Supply Outsourcing

Staffing needs are not always of a permanent nature as business can face contingent staff requirements. Temporary and contracts staffing can be used in a strategy of adjusting staffing to suit workload, supported by a reliable vendor who can provide the skills you need when you need them. This can be cost-effective and efficient solution to permanent hiring. We Work closely with the organisations and manage the contract staff team in terms of performance management and other human resources issues. Our cost effective billing rates can improve your savings and meet your budget requirements, relieving the pressures on your core departments.

Our Flat Fee Recruitment Process:

Step 1 Discovery & Design

We conduct 1:1 personal interviews with the hiring manager to gain insight on the job vacancy to be able to draft a detailed job advertisement. We then design structured interview questions and identify the key selection criteria.

Step 2 Candidate Sourcing

We draft a job advertisement for your approval and place it in the various mediums ie. Job boards, professional associations and networks, social media and refer to our own proprietary database and may refer to our strategic alliances agreements in order to source the best candidates.

Step 3 Resume Screening

.We carefully evaluate every resume in relation to the job requirements using the criteria identified in Step 1.

Step 4 Telephone Interviews

.We conduct comprehensive preliminary telephone interviews with the qualified candidates to develop a valuable short list.

Step 5 Personal Interviews

We conduct a structured interview with the short listed candidates in person. Candidates are thoroughly interviewed by our experienced
Recruitment Consultants.

Step 6 Final Short List of Qualified Candidates

We provide a final short list and a summary report to introduce the most qualified candidates and make all the necessary arrangements for a face- to-face interview with your Human Resource representative and/or hiring manager(S).

Step 7 Reference Checks

We conduct in-depth reference checks for the final candidate at the request of the Client. We specialize in locating, qualifying, and delivering qualified candidates so that you can focus on your core business! For more information please contact us [email protected]

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