Promoting positive behaviour of children and students

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It’s very essential to promote positive behaviour because if it’s not recognised amongst the youth they won’t have positive behaviour and it’ll create negativity amongst students and students towards the staff and others. Positive behaviour is strongly linked to respect for others and what is generally accepted as ‘good’ behaviour tends to be centred on this. Their logic tells them that in repeating the unwanted behaviour they will get more attention.

Promoting positive behaviour is also very essential as if it isn’t carried out amongst children they’ll feel as though it’s okay to behave in any manner and no one will take any action against it and they’ll grow up and won’t know how to act and behave appropriately in different situations.

Also its very important for this to be promoted in a working environment especially when there are trainees or new interns coming in and are unaware of the working environment so they’ll only pick up what they see it’s similar to children in schools.

To carry out and introduce ground rules is a very effective way to ensure that children and young adults work in the manner they are expected.

There are many ground rules which can be obtained within a classroom such as- Respecting peers and teachers, Not to talk over one another, Put hand up if want to say anything etc.

By establishing ground rules within a classroom it helps students feel safer and gives them confidence and such discussions can help promote an inclusive learning environment for all participants.

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Such ground rules are especially important when discussing controversial or otherwise challenging topics. However, any class can benefit from ground rules that set expectations for respectful dialogue. Establishing such ground rules at the start of the year provides a common framework that will be very helpful if it becomes necessary to talk with the class, or with individual students, about any conduct that could be negatively affecting the learning environment.

You can demonstrate ground rules in various ways such as carrying out discussions ask the class their opinions on ground rules ask them all to write something if they don’t feel comfortable enough to speak up.

Positive behaviour can also be demonstrated in a lawful manner as well so if a child does something wrong is punished so that they can realise their mistake and see where they went wrong.

To promote this in a lawful manner things such as detentions isolation rooms have been introduce as well as sanctions teachers sometimes take the student to aside to discuss these sort of matters etc.

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