Promoting Positive Behaviour in Nursery Policy

TDA 2. 9 Support children and young peoples positive behaviour 1. 1. In our nursery we have a behaviour policy on promoting positive behaviour; it has the guidelines/code of conduct we use to promote positive behaviour. The aims of the behaviour policy is to create a consistent environment that expects, encourages and recognises good behaviour and one in which everyone feels happy and safe. The behaviour policy is the main policy on promoting positive behaviour in the nursery and we should all be aware of the policies as part of our ongoing professional development so that we can manage children’s behaviour in a consistent way.

The policy sets the boundaries of behaviour expected from the children and also the behaviour expected from staff. It sets out how we should reward the children and sanction them e. g. my nursery rewards potty training with stickers and other good behaviour with verbal praise, if a child is behaving inappropriately then we explain to them firmly that the behaviour is not acceptable and we suggest the correct behaviour that they should be displaying and if the behaviour carries on then we put them in thinking time or take them away from an activity.

We encourage the children to resolve conflicts by sharing or negotiating with each other. It also has the anti-bullying policy in it and how we should handle situations and explains what inappropriate behaviour is. I think that the benefit of encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour through praising is that the children learn good behaviour from bad behaviour and I tend to see more of the same positive behaviour reoccurring when I reward it.

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When children know that there are boundaries set it makes them feel secure and helps provide children with a safe and secure environment, thereby promoting good mental health.

Young People Essay

The nursery has golden rules * Show respect for others, considering their rights to use equipment, to have space to play without the threat of being hurt or upset * Sit quietly for story and meal times * Move around the nursery with regards to the safety of themselves and others * Use toys safely and appropriately * Listen to instructions and comply with requests made by the nursery workers These rules are taught by * Praising and rewarding positive behaviour * Encouraging sharing and negotiations * Adults modelling positive behaviour Helping the children to understand the effects of their behaviour on others * Teaching routines for certain activities such as meal times, circle times, tidying up, going out, sharing toys etc * Promoting children to follow rules and gradually reducing prompts * Helping to equip children to challenge bullying, harassment and name calling * Using stories and songs to teach the children the value of positive behaviour * Evaluating the nursery’s provisions to see if it may have any effect on children’s behaviour * Teaching children and consulting with them about the rules * Ensuring that children know and understand that they are always valued as individuals even if their behaviour may sometimes be unacceptable 1. It is important that all staff consistently and fairly apply boundaries and rules for dealing with behaviour in accordance with the policies and procedures in the setting to ensure that the children have a sense of security and learn right from wrong and that inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in the same way all the time by all of the staff. Children test boundaries have not changed with other staff and will get confused and not know what is expected of them if we are not consistent in our approach with all children. if I ignore a situation like a child hitting another child in my class then he will think that its ok and do it to another child and other children may copy the behaviour and think that its ok to misbehave while they are in my care and it will undermine my position if I’m not consistent in my approach to behavioural issues.

When we go out of the nursery for a walk we have to hold the children’s hands while in the street and there are certain children that try not to, I’m not sure if it is to see if I react differently or if they just want to test me but I always stop and explain that they cant go for a walk if they don’t hold my hand at all times and I act just as I have seen other staff act in the same situation, if I didn’t act consistent like the other staff then I would be putting the child in danger in this situation because they might keep letting go and then run into the road. Children learn the correct behaviour through the use of boundaries. We must all model positive behaviour in order to be good role models and set standards for the children and ensure they know and follow the behaviour policies.

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