Social Media Presence Analysis – Sunny Side Eggs will be present

Social Media Presence Analysis –

Sunny Side Eggs will be present on the popular social media site, Instagram. Instagram has users from many walks of life, making it an easy platform to reach our assumed target audience, middle-aged ‘housewife’ women who believe in the ethical treatment of animals.


The contrast of the dark background and prominent, bold text in the example posts, gains the attention of potential buyers scrolling down their feed. The large text captures the viewers attention while its contrast with the dark background and image conveys to the viewer a feeling of empathy and worry.

This keeps the viewers attention and directs it towards the caption, and, ultimately, towards our product. The text dominates the post, capturing viewer attention and further directing it towards the worrying image. This image, with the help of the dark filter, conveys further feelings of empathy towards the chicken, showing the unethical and horrifying treatment of chickens. This piques the viewers attention and guides them towards purchasing our product.


Image Effects:

The text is the main feature of these posts and captures our viewers interest initially. The bold, short and easy to read text paired with the caption informs viewers of the reality of the production of their eggs and informs them of our mission to combat this. The simple yet shocking facts appeals to the ethos of our customers and in doing so, piques their interest. The dark effect placed on the image connotes to the darkness of the industry, gaining further interest.

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Our campaigns primary objective is to sell our egg by appealing to the nostalgia of viewer. This sense of nostalgia is further tapped into through our slogan ‘still got it’. This commonly used phrase has connotations to certain emotions including familiarity and nostalgia, appealing to pathos. Our account features our slogan, gaining the interest of viewers. Our slogan is short and precise yet original, sticking in the minds of our viewers. The use of this captivating slogan increases viewer interest and conveys feelings of hope and familiarity.


The captions on our Instagram posts direct viewers to buy our product and support the combat against big egg corporations and their unethical treatment of chickens. The captions gain interest in our product and encourage viewers to take action. The combination of the caption and factual posts appeals to ethos gaining further interest from the viewer.


The pictures used in our posts show viewers what big egg companies do to their animals. Through using these images, we can plant in the viewer mind a desire to take action. Our product assists in achieving this desire and so, incentivises viewers to purchase our eggs above others. The use of ‘WA Egg Farming company aiming to change the egg industry 1 hen at a time’ in our bio helps to further accentuate and encourage this desire. This is an advertising technique we can utilise as viewers can easily fulfil this desire we can conveyed to them through buying our eggs. This desire appeals to the ethos of viewers, pointing them towards our product. This is an element of advertising that we use in many aspects of our campaign but mainly through our social media outreach.


Despite there being no specific coupon, the caption of our posts incentivises viewers to go and buy Sunny Side Eggs through appealing to ethos. These posts direct viewers to our ethical eggs and whilst there may be no economic inventive, there is a psychological incentive. Furthermore, our social media advertises and familiarises our name, logo and slogan with potential buyers. Our branding appeals to nostalgia and accompanying emotions and by familiarising our product with users through social media we can better appeal to pathos.

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