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If the author Alex Capus “goes on a journey,” said you expect that he can tell something very special. After all, he has pulled off “Leon and Louise” a great success (Lesen They explored here my review of Alex Capus:’Leon and Louise’ on books Rezensionen”

Whole generations of this mythical land with the flashlight while secretly at night under the covers devoured bound in tanniges Green Schmöker of Karl May, but later they were allowed to watch legendary movies and television series and cheer when heroic or villainous, but in any case daring cowboys, gunslingers, Indians, sheriffs, trappers and settlers to right to loot and power fought

Meanwhile, totgeritten the genre of the Western,.

his motives and images are only quoted in today’s films the American west is largely demythologised;. you know what because really happened. this marks went to Alex Capus when he is five ghost towns and the famous route 66 traveled. the result is a small, wonderful beautifully designed book full of bizarre-sounding episodes from the period 1540-1877.

The Spaniard Francisco Vasques de Coronado breaks in 1540 on behalf of the Viceroy with a gigantic accompanying troupe from Mexico to the fabled “Seven Cities of Gold to seek from Ciboa “in the north. But unfortunately found the men only Hopi Lehmhüttendörfer, the Grand Canyon and many of them to death. Gullible in their greed they had been taken in the clever deception leads the local guide who wanted to get rid of this dangerous adventurer quickly.

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must be located in the lousy winter 1877 in the former gold mining town of Bodie, 2554m above sea level in the Sierra Nevada sprinkle the ground with dynamite to all the miners who like flies from diphtheria and other diseases die, to be buried. Even then were Chinese migrant workers on site, which could become a feast the funerals.

Derlei events told Capus in an amusing Berichtston, enlivened them with fictitious, droll dialogues, they spiced with ironic comments and documents they with historic black-and-white photographs and newspaper clippings. Wonderful to look at! Unfortunately, the reproductions of the photos are inexplicably quite tiny; for many, I would very much sunk me into all the details about the situation so beautifully described to come figuratively very close … a lost opportunity.

Sometimes you want to believe Alex Capus, the novelist par excellence , we bind to many a Grizzly when he packed Historical inimitable way fictional. But it is the reality that produces incredible things. So Capus proposes a bold arc of Louis Munzinger, a Olten, who was actually a Bayer and emigrated to the New World in 1870 to make the West his luck with home-brewed beer until the present day. Because there is still that Munzinger, in the eighteenth generation and in large numbers. So you have but that Louis somehow … but that can not be otherwise … but follow even all the lines that Capus to the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather stands, up the genealogies and down, on the family tree branches changing, until he meets with Ernst Gustav Munzinger, the notoriety gained because he was executed with the attackers of 20 July 1944 together because he was their accomplice.

travel around virtually with Capus the small town, the one as other’s look: Bodie, Panamint City, Skidoo, Salt Wells and Hawikuh Ruins. may in this thin booklet (77 pages including picture proof) you really can not give more than a reviewer, but most of a bad investment, I must however warn you if you plan to actually travel to the West with Capus in their luggage: Let the Route 66 links are – she’s just boring. Crowds of elderly men chug on their Harley-Davidsons antique hours with constant 80mph then, including sufficiently well-heeled German wannabe Easy Riders. In contrast to Dennis Hopper, the great role model, they are not born to be wild , but have their iPhone in the pocket of the expensive twisted fringe outfits the mirrored RayBan on the nose and high blood pressure pills in the saddlebag , Their wheeled suitcases are transported by the tour operator to another Holiday Inn. Sic transit gloria occidentis …

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