A Day In The Life Of Alex Sander: Driving In The Fast Lane At Landon Care Products

Greiner and Collins’ article “A Day in the Life of Alex Sander: Driving in the Fast Lane at Landon Care Products” discusses the personality traits and behavior of Alex Sander and how it not only limits his career growth but also affects others within the organization. Alex Sander, a MBA graduate of MIT, is a product manager in the Toiletries division at Landon Care Products, Inc. Alex is a highly talented individual, a fast learner, has entrepreneurial skills with extensive market and product knowledge, is self confident, and self driven.

He successfully rebranded two skin care products in over a year’s time.

Essay Example on Alex Sander Case Study

However, Alex is emotionally immature and aloof from his colleagues at work. He has a commanding personality as he not only micromanages people but also derides them if he is not satisfied with their work output and this behavior alienates him from other people in the organization. Alex admits that he gets ticked off pretty easily, is very inflexible at work relationships, and expects everyone to put in extra hours even if they have prior commitments.

He thinks that his temper is actually an effective management tool that makes people finish tasks on time but does not realize that he is losing credibility among his peers and subordinates.

Despite his work effectiveness and efficiency, Alex’s difficult behavior and disregard for co-worker’s feelings is limiting his desire to move further up in the organization. Based on the feedback from other people at his work place, Alex works tirelessly.

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However, the flip side is that Alex expects others to work the same way, and if they do not meet his expectations, then he feels that they lack commitment and dedication.

Alex contributes to a negative work environment through humiliation and yelling causing nervous and frustrated co-workers. While Alex’s subordinates and coworkers respect him, they don’t see him as a leader due to his lack of ability to motivate people and get work done through other people. This was revealed during Alex’s 360 review with his manager Sam Glass. Sam wants to keep Alex as he is a valuable asset to the company; however, Sam wants to find ways to help Alex take charge on changing his behavior. In conclusion of the article, Alex’s manager Sam discusses this issue with another colleague at his hierarchy level to identify the best possible option to rectify Alex’s attitude and behavior.

Comments and Recommendations

Alex needs to show more concern to the feelings and insights of his peers, as well as take the 360 review more seriously as a tool to improve his weaknesses. Alex should take emotional intelligence (EI) training that can help him read emotional and social cues from others. He should also focus on developing his interpersonal skills and leadership qualities including leading through motivation and leading by example. Further, his manager, Sam should enforce Alex to implement a reward system to praise co-worker contribution.

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A Day In The Life Of Alex Sander: Driving In The Fast Lane At Landon Care Products
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