Sense of Mystery in “The Fault in Our Stars”

Three of the most popular genres of books are action-adventure, mystery and romance. Readers love action-adventure because they keep you on the edge of your seat. Mysteries are popular because they make the reader want to know what’s going to happen next. Many people desire romance books because the idea of a perfect relationship keeps them hooked. These popular genres not only stand out individually, but share commonalities that keep the audience intrigued.

The action-adventure genre entails quests, danger, and suspense.

This genre is mainly focused on a mission or goal the characters need to complete. Action is the main element. The quests are usually to retrieve a reward such as saving someone. Danger and suspence come together to make the reader feel the startled emotions that the characters feel in the book. Suzanne Collins is an author that writes action-adventure books, The Hunger Games and uses these features to make her books so exciting that no one wants to put them down.

Mysteries typically have a detective that tries to solve a crime or unsolved situation. The characters are skeptical and deep thinkers. The reader is kept guessing and does not know the solution until the very end.

The author Louis Sachar in his book Holes created a mystery about young boys who were forced to dig holes, supposedly to build character, all over a property for an unknown reason. The reader is drawn in by the suspense and wants to know the solution. Romance is a genre that puts the main focus on two people in a relationship and the romance that goes on throughout the story.

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The characters struggle to fall in love, but most books that are this genre usually have a fulfilling ending. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green describes a doomed love between two young cancer patients. Even though it was a sad ending the characters had a fulfilling love. By many accounts, this is the top selling genre of all because people connect to the idea of falling in love.

Although there are differences, action-adventure and mystery books have many things in common. They both have characters killing each other or harming each other in some way. They also have characters trying to solve the crime. These characters have to go through many steps to get to the final result. Another similarity is that both genres can be fiction or nonfiction. There are books about true crimes and novels about made-up people. There are also differences between the genres. While mystery has its focus on the crime being solved, action-adventure has its focal point on killing the monster or bad guy. When it comes to differences, both genres have contrast. Mystery might have a different theme then action-adventure in certain novels which could make it only mystery or only action-adventure. Sometimes it depends on the certain book or short novel that you are reading.

Although it’s not obvious that the romance and action-adventure genres have nothing in common, that’s not necessarily true. While in the genre of romance there are two lovers are battling to fight for love. The characters Peeta and Katniss from the Hunger Games are fighting for their love and their lives. This shows how Collins intertwines romance and action-adventure genres for more interest. While they are fighting there could be action included, because maybe there is a third person fighting for the same person. Next is adventure.

In adventure the two star crossed lovers could go on an adventure as true lovers to make their relationship stronger. There are many different scenarios. While action-adventure has many similarities they also have differences. Sometimes both genres can’t get together because the plot is not what the certain book follows. Another reason is that the characters in the book might be best friends and lovers. But there are always different types of books and what genre they have. Romance and action-adventure are examples of genres that can relate in many ways, and be used together, but also be not good together depending on the book. Even though both genres have common traits there are also differences. Since romance focuses on the two characters relationships there doesn’t have to be action-adventure, only conflict. For example in The Fault In Our Stars there was no action. The main focus was on the love of the two characters while fighting cancer.

The romance and mystery genres are similar in a various ways. Like the genre of mystery, romance can be unpredictable. Many authors like John Green, use a sense of mystery in his books, specifically The Fault In Our Stars. Green creates an unpredictable ending to the novel leaving the audience frustrated with the author’s choices, similar to mystery novels that portray ambiguous elements leaving the audience feeling the same way, confused and disheartened. Although these genres share many commonalities, there are many differences that keep each of them unique. In spite of the similarities there are also differences between the two genres. Romance mainly revolves around a strong relationship usually between two people. In mystery the plot is completely different. Mystery is all about the main crime and the killer. There are many parts to mystery that don’t relate in any way to romance. In the book Holes, Sachar makes this a mystery because there is a hidden treasure and young boys have to search for it. While The Fault In Our Stars is all about fighting cancer with their true love. Both genres have details in common, but also different.

All genres can fit together like puzzle pieces in some way. It’s up to the author on how to do that correctly and in a delightful way for the reader. Although genres have many differences, and people don’t think they can come together there’s always a way. In some scenarios it doesn’t work out, because of little details. Genres have a variety of ways to be put together.

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