Senators - John Cornin and Ted Cruz

Today In Texas we have two senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. (List of the United States Senators, 2018 (a)). John Cornyn is a lawyer and an American Politician. Who Since 2002 has served as the United States Senior Senator from Texas. He was born on February 2, 1952, in Houston Texas. Cornyn graduated from St. Mary’s University School of Law and Trinity University. “He was a Judge of Texas 37th District Court from 1985 to 1991,” Then he was elected as an associate justice of the Texas Supreme Court, where he served from 1991 to 1997.

Cornyn was selected to be the Attorney General of Texas in 1998, serving as one term until he obtained his victory as the 2002 U.S. Senator. Rafael Edward also known as Ted Cruz our other representative was born on December 22, 1970, he was raised in Houston, Texas, and was an American politician who has served since 2013, as the Junior United States Senator from Texas, he holds his degrees from Princeton University and Harvard Law School.

Our Representative for Texas 5th Congressional District is Thomas Jeb Hensarling. Since 2003 he has been part of the Republican Party. Hensarling was born on May 29, 1957, he graduated from the Texas A&M University and the University of Texas law school where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics in 1979 and earned his Juris Doctor degree. •Part 2- Border Security and Immigration Reform Act is an act of 2018. (Rep. Goodlatte, Bob, 2018). The purpose of this bill is to achieve circumstantial consciousness and useful control of the border, integrating and fulfill enforcement management.

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Bob Goodlatte is the sponsor of this law. Since the beginning of this act, it has prevented many immigrants from coming into the nation and it has modernized the nation’s immigration system. (Beth Breeding, 2018)This law makes crossing the border for immigrants harder. In my life personally, this law has affected me in the way that whenever I’m going to Mexico the officers there are stricter as laws keep getting more involved with immigration. Also, there’s much more vigilance on the border as laws keep being introduced. Part 3 The Armed Services Committee was first established on December 10, 1816.

This committee has the authority to command over the following departments, The Airforce, Army, The Military research and progress, The Naval Petroleum Department, and many more and many more. (U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services, n.d). The Senate granted the committee the power to examínate and study the important and unknown information about the United States defense policy. This committee has a lot of bills where the Armed Forces are involved. One them of them is to provide The Gold Star Installation Access Card  for the dependent children, wife, or other family members of an Armed Force officer who dies while performing a certain active service duty. The purpose of the Armed Forces committee is to make sure that a surviving spouse with children who are dependent on their parents remains eligible benefits and they can live a life with fewer obstacles. Part V Rand Paul, has been one of the longest talking filibusters ‘I’m going to speak as long as I can to draw attention to something I find very disturbing,’ said Paul. He was talking with his associates for about 13 hours, about what they called the danger of drone strikes to U.S. citizens on American soil. Paul had a such a powerful opposition to the Obama administration and Brennan nomination for the use of unknown

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