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Indecisive America
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Until recent years, the question of whether America should consider English as its national language has been accentuated by activists from both sides of the spectrum. Some individuals covet to have an America where it is fairly easy to communicate with one another. On the other hand, others strive to preserve the myriad of languages that imbued America's diversity with unique cultures and traditions. The question is as follows, will implement English as a national language take the country a…...
Immigration Reform
Has Trump Been a Beneficial President
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Wildly unpopular, President Trump went from Hollywood sensation and business tycoon to the 45th president of the United States of America. While many would debate his crass nature, it is difficult to deny the multitude of accomplishments he has achieved in the past two years. One of the largest accomplishments under the Trump Administration has been an undeniably prosperous economy. President Trump kept his campaign promises and in his first year of presidency managed to lower taxes and dramatically increase…...
Immigration Reform
“Always Put The Immigrant Community And The Civil Rights Movement At The Forefront Of Party Politics”
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Overview In the U.S., there are approximately eleven million undocumented immigrants, and more are to come. Illegal immigration has become a serious problem the cause of many social, economic, security, and legal issues within the country. Although illegal immigrants have helped the economy, humbled, and developed the overall image of America, members of the House find that the U.S. should not allow anyone to enter the country illegally to be a “citizen” in the country. With this thought going around,…...
Immigration Reform
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Impetus for Immigration Reform
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The united states since being colonized have had its ups and downs. From migration, liberal rights, slavery, civil war, segregation, and voting criteria, to modern-day problems dealing with our own identity. One major problem that has resurfaced since president trump was elected is immigration posing a threat to this nation. Not specifically pointing towards one race but all included over the years. Even though we are all technically immigrants the issue wasn’t as big as it has been this past…...
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Sanctuary Cities: Humanitarian verse Political Agenda
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According to the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, seventy percent of voters listed immigration as highly important in the 2016 Presidential Election. It remains a controversial topic among Americans today, as well as a controversial divisive subject between two different views. One view is that, as the richest nation in the world, it is a humanitarian obligation to provide and welcome those from other countries into the United States. The other view is the United States…...
Immigration Reform
Xenomorphs and Xenophobia
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Ever since a group of European immigrants decided to form the United States of America, a distinction has been drawn between the American citizen and the outsider, with the outsider portrayed as the enemy. As a way to fuel xenophobia and pass anti-immigration measures, Americans have historically and continually portrayed immigrants as violent criminals, traffickers, and rapists bent on destroying the country and hurting American citizens. Ridley Scott’s Alien is a portrayal of Americans’ fear of immigrants and immigrant invasion…...
ImmigrationImmigration Reform
Senators – John Cornin and Ted Cruz
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Today In Texas we have two senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. (List of the United States Senators, 2018 (a)). John Cornyn is a lawyer and an American Politician. Who Since 2002 has served as the United States Senior Senator from Texas. He was born on February 2, 1952, in Houston Texas. Cornyn graduated from St. Mary's University School of Law and Trinity University. “He was a Judge of Texas 37th District Court from 1985 to 1991,” Then he was…...
Immigration ReformTexas
The Reform Will Boost Our Domestic Demand and Boost Real GDP
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Thе near future. lowеr pеrsonal incomе tаx ratеs will incrеase household disposablе incomе and incrеase consumption especially among housеholds with limited liquidity. part of thе increasе in incomе after taxes will also lead to an increasе in savings especially fоr wealthy people. in addition lowеr corporate taxes should incrеase household welfare through higher asset prices and dividends which will also increase consumption and savings. Higher cоrporate prоfits can also lead tо highеr wages аs workers trade for a share оf…...
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A Proposal On Immigration
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Having always been intrigued by immigration at the southern border, I ponder about the situations that people find themselves in, where illegally crossing this frontier is worth the risk of federal punishment. The hopes involved in methodical planning and execution fascinate me- what continues to motivate many of these people to endure such a journey? Social aspects of immigration have been far more interesting and profound than the political jargon plastered on papers. Thus, my focus has been on the…...
ImmigrationImmigration Reform
Community As a Group of People
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A community is defined as a body of individuals who live in the same place with common interests or people who share common interests, goals, and attitudes. At least when you google it, this is the definition you will find. However, most of us define a community as a group of people who are there for each other when they need love, support, and encouragement. If you were told to close your eyes and paint a picture in your head…...
CommunityImmigrationImmigration Reform
Current Problems and Questions on the Environment
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However, recent cases have shown that nations around the world are contaminating the globe’s atmosphere as they use it in efforts to clear waste. As more nations are becoming industrialized due to the globalization of world economies, there is a greater amount of discharge from different types of production. In brief, the degradation of the global atmosphere is caused by practically everyone around the world. Unlike countries which have specific boundaries that specify territorial restrictions, the atmosphere does not have…...
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William Howard Taft Progressive Era
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The Progressive era was an important time in American history because it was the period in which Americans had to look at the issues that arose from the rapidly changing industrial and political environment. The time of the Progressives occurred because Americans were facing a whole new set of problems caused by industrialization, urbanization and immigration. During this period there was rampant poverty in the urban areas, low wages and poor working conditions for immigrants and all other low income…...
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