Race Beto vs Ted Cruz

This race determines who is the Texas Senate seat. Beto O’Rourke’s who is with Democratic Party, intends to declare his candidacy for the Senate seat currently held by Ted Cruz who is with the Republican Party. Some of the major key topics to go over for this race include the economy, energy and oil, gun control, tax reforms etc. Starting with the issue of Budget and Economy, candidate Beto O’Rourke’s believes in promoting policies that push larger companies to focus more on giving some investments back to their employees, their consumers and the community.

Also by lowering the barrier to entry for small and local businesses. So that every entrepreneur or new company coming up can have the same equal opportunity to be successful, because as of now not everyone has access to the same resources. It is difficult to start and own a business in today’s economy. Allowing small family owned businesses a chance to thrive.

Beto promotes regulations that gives consumers protection, and creates more competition in turn creating more growth for the economy. Lastly Beto supports stronger antitrust regulations that help break up monopolies, so one company or multiple companies don’t hold all the power and money (2018 Texas Senate race). This can be very bad if one company has all the authority and controls most of any particular industry. Then you have Senator Ted Cruz who believes that the economy has not been improving, and that during Obama’s presidency the economy was a disaster.

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Since 2008 till recent years the economy has grown on average 1.2 percent each year. His plan to fix this issue is to start with tax reforms, by using a simple flat tax. Which would be 10 percent for everyone that would produce growth and roughly 4.9 million jobs created within the decade. Then a regulatory reform, and lastly sound money. Ted states that when all three of these elements have been pursed the outcome is growth for the economy (Ted Cruz on Budget & Economy). He has always been against raising the debt ceiling.

Cruz believes that structural reforms such as a strong balanced budget amendment should be in place if the debt ceiling were to increase. This would allow Washington to have basically a budget plan on how to spend money wisely. By doing so this would help the U.S. decrease the national debt, while managing the way money is being spent now. He states that we need to stop bankrupting our country, and that we shouldn’t leave our children and grandchildren to inherit a country with a massive national debt (Ted Cruz on Budget & Economy).

The next topic to discuss is Energy and Oil, Beto believes that certain steps can be taken to promote energy and environmental reforms. This includes energy reforms that use our current energy sources available wisely, while pushing the discovery of innovation new ways and methods for renewable sources of energy in the future. Where as Ted Cruz believes America is in the middle of an energy revolution.The energy industry is creating new opportunities for innovation and good paying jobs for all Americans which also is going to help boost the economy. (2018 TX Senate Race: on Energy & Oil)

A very controversial issue in America right now is gun control so we will discuss where both candidates stand with this topic. Beto O’Rourke’s supports common sense gun laws. He believes that a good place to start would be stoping all background check loopholes, and doesn’t understand why congress has yet to act on the issue. Beto states “That goes to show you the power of the NRA” (2018 TX Senate Race: on Gun Control). He has been pushing for universal background checks, this means a federal background check would be required for all firearm purchases. Lastly Beto wants the Center for Disease Control to be able to study and do research on gun violence. This would allow them to have a better understanding of different situations where guns were involved and try and prevent things like this from happening again. After many mass shootings have occurred in recent years new regulations have to be in place because it is to easy to acquire a gun now a days. (2018 TX Senate Race: on Gun Control). Where as Senator Ted Cruz believes we should be allowed to keep our guns but some things need to change, working to protect the second amendment which is the right to bear arms.

He wants to enforce stricter gun laws on dangerous and mentally ill people. Cruz says that the assault weapon bans have had zero impact on the crime rate. After the sandy hook shooting they tried to ban assault weapons and high compaction magazines but this failed. Ted is opposed to the universal back ground check, he also has avoided a bill pushed by Texas Senate John Cornyn that would penalize federal agencies that didn’t send individuals records and crimes history to the national instant criminal background check system. He believes that criminals love unarmed victims easy targets who cant defends themselves, so in turn people should have the right to be armed. Ted says that gun control laws are majorly ineffective, and cities that t have the strictest gun control have the highest crime rates. Comparing Chicago where gun laws have been increase to try and put a stop to the outstanding murder rate which has not worked, to Texas where gun laws are less restricting and people have firearms so that they can protect themselves from crime (Ted Cruz on Gun Control).

Lastly we will discuss tax reforms, Beto on the GOP tax plan which would be beneficial to the rich and impact the middle class negatively. He says that by providing billions of dollars in tax breaks to large corporations the rich wont just go out of their way to help the middle class, instead while nearly 50 percent of the tax cuts which is roughly 500 billion will go directly to the top 1 percent. Therefore this tax bill would cause 36 million middle class families see a increase in their taxes, so the richer become more rich and the poor pay up (2018 TX Senate Race: on Tax Reform). On the other hand Ted Cruz believes we need to out an end to payroll tax, business tax, and the IRS. He states that his plan will actually get rid of the payroll tax by shifting it business, this allows the middle class to get a tax cut. Ted says that making a cut the income tax is not enough, we need to actually make cuts to the payroll tax, which would then spread the tax cut to everyone in all socioeconomic levels (Ted Cruz on Tax Reform).

I plan on voting for Beto O’Rourke because I agree with his polices, I want to see change and believe he has what it takes to go forth in the right direction. I believe that Beto truly cares more for the people of Texas, he even went to all 254 counties in Texas and stopped at most universities including UTA. He pushes for equal access to medical providers, along with helping the current situation on immigration, equal pay wages regardless of gender, equal rights for the LGBTQIA community and that same sex couples have access to the same federal benefits as any other family. I believe he wants what’s best

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