SAT test Ranked First

Notice to all students: The PSAT, SAT, and ACT are all coming up! These terms will send any students racing home to study and to pray to the standardized testing gods for luck to pass these tests. When a student asks a teacher or counselor what they need to get into a good college. More often than not they will answer “your SAT score is the most crucial.” Which will induce students to go out and buy as many prep books as possible.

The SAT test takes first place when it comes to monopolizing test preparation through workbooks and tutors. By utilizing critical thinking they have created a multi-billion dollar business and have taken advantage of minors that just want to go to college. Well, you have to make money somehow. Most students would thank the testing system for allowing them to be fairly evaluated and have all aspects of their knowledge be weighed evenly to their peers.

Hence, standardized testing is the most tangible idea to happen since the invention of number 2 pencils, while other concepts like critical thinking, Ranking in education, and integrity is all useless to both students and to schools in America.

For starters, why would critical thinking or thinking unconventionally help any student in the future when we are pushing to create equality. If a student thinks outside of the scope of what is going to be on the test then they will be superior intellectually, which would create a gap between them and their peers.

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So, by generating standards and a specific curriculum for teachers to use in class we are eliminating labels like “geek” and “nerd” from bullies vocabularies. Also, Isolating words like “distinguished” and “outstanding” will die out. So, When a student asks why during class, a teacher should respond with, ”Well it won’t be on the test this year.”

This will make any student feel very secure in their education and prevent the student from being excluded by their peers. Really, how could any student in the whole country feel restricted in school with answers that are helping them prevent their need to think outside the box? By eliminating this gap it can be assumed that standardized testing will bring about equality and world peace. Of course, we all know the American ideal that “Bigger is Better”. Well, America is taking this concept and applying it to our ranking in education. According to the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results, from 2015, the United States ranked 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science. We can see America likes to have Big numbers because they are better than countries like Singapore who have small, sad numbers like 1.

This is such a lonely number. Their hesitation to test the heck out of students earned them a mere first in education in the world. Isn’t that such a sad number? Other small number ranking countries like Finland, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, all European countries… they all have sad, meager numbers that they would never be proud of. These countries should follow the United States standardized testing example due to the far larger, superior numbers that we rank at. Standardized testing prevents countries from having small, pathetic numbers. Who says that standardized testing doesn’t teach you real-life skills. The stakes are high so students must throw integrity out the window and master the fine art of cheating.

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