Sakagawi's Abduction Into Slavery

Imagine you are in a camp when suddenly you hear a faint yelling. Than out of nowhere people from another tribe suddenly ride in on horses. Someone on a horse decides to pick you up and put you on the back of their horse. About two hours later you are at a different camp than the one that morning. You don’t speak their language. You don’t know what they do to build their houses. You don’t even know how to make your bed every morning.

That is what happened to Sacagawea when she was kidnapped. Sacagawea was a young Native American women. In her lifetime she traveled more than 2,600 miles. She was sold to her husband as a slave and called his “wife”. She was kidnapped at ten years of age. At 15 years old she got married and was a fur trader wife. Two years later she prepared to have a child. In february 1805 she gave birth to her son.

Sacagawea had two kids while on the voyage. One boy and one girl. Her son Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, Jean lived between 1805-1866. During his lifetime he was in the military, an explorer, a guide and a fur trader. Her daughter Lizette Charbonneau, lived between 1812-1813. Why she had such a short life was because of the war in 1812. After having the second child, Sacagawea was seriously ill. Lucky for her, she had Clark taking care of her son as he learned many languages and went to Europe at some point.

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Soon Lewis and Clark made it to the village where Sacagawea and her husband were living at the time. After meeting Sacagawea’s husband Lewis and Clark were introduced to Sacagawea. Lewis and Clark learned that her and her husband could speak different languages. Her being able to translate the Indian languages. Her husband was able to speak Indian and French. A member of the Corps Discovery Team spoke French and English. Lewis and Clark asked Sacagawea and her husband to go with them so they did.On the way she went in boats and walked on foot. Most of the time she would be walking 15 to 20 miles a day. While carrying a baby she followed the river, walking in the water next to Clark.

After months of walking she started to recognize the area. The area was where her tribe went buffalo hunting in the summer. After pointing it out to Lewis he wanted to meet with the tribe leader to trade horses. After getting into the meeting, Sacagawea realized that she was talking to her brother. She was overjoyed to see her Brother after so many years. She had many questions and got many answers. After a family reunion full of tears, she learned that most of her family was gone. Sacagawea was very sad to learn that her family was gone. Also very happy to see her brother after being kidnapped. She told all the stories of her life in the past 4-5 years and how she was married. She showed her brother her son and her brother was in awe as he met his nephew for the first time.

After years of travel they stopped and Lewis carved his name and date in a nearby tree. That was August 14 1806. They reached their goal. After the walking Lewis and Clark wanted to go down to the beach. On the beach was a whale’s skeleton. That was the end of the journey for Sacagawea and her son, Sacagawea got nothing, but her husband got millions of dollars and 320 acres of land. Six years after the journey Sacagawea became pregnant with her second child, a baby girl. After nine months of brutal pregnancy. She went into labor for the second time in her life and the last. On December 22 1812 she gave birth to her daughter Lisette. Days after having the baby she grew very ill and was later found dead in north dakota.

Eight months after her death Clark adopted Sacagawea’s kids. Sacagawea died at age 25 due to a illness. That scientists think she suffered with most of her adult life. Imagine that after you get married you are moved to a different village emitaly and don’t have anytime to pack. Than in the new village you are suddenly introduced to a men named Lewis and Clark. They want you to be apart of the journey to explore land they know nothing about. You except and are taken on a journey of a lifetime.

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