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Recently I met a girl at a ball(which I only went to to see this other girl who I have been depressed over for weeks ). At the the party are eye met across the room and I immeadetly fell in love with her. But we are from fueding families and our parents would never considered letting us marry. However we secretly married anyways.

The problem gets worse when the other day I killed her cousin in revenge of him killing my own.

Now the prince has banished me. My wirfe still living in Verona and I beinging banished is worse than any death. I don’t know If I shoud stay and risk getting caught or leave and live a said depressing life. What do I do?????

Dear Verona citizen

I would like to tell you your story back in way the will show you how crazy this problem is. You, a young hormonal filled boy were mourning over another girl you fancied you I assume turn up her nose at you.

To try to fix this problem, you decided to go to the party to win her over. How ever when you get to the party your eyes meet with another girl and you assume its true love. You probably think that because you’re a yung guy who will fall in love wotgh any girl that looks in your general area. As soon as you see and dance woth her you start thinking about marriage (only knowing her for 6min).

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then for some strange reason she says yes to marriage and you seacretly marry her. After this the street fight happens and you kill her cousin. Now you are banished and wonder if you should stay and risk the parents finding out . it seem to me that scince you have already married a feuding foe anf killed her cousin you are defenetly in her or yours owns parents goodbooks. You think banishment away from you honey is worse then death but staying in Verona will most likely get you and your wife killed. So I say go, live, ride to a new town and start your life again! Who knows , maybe you wil fall in “love“ with next girl that looks at you.

Dear Lauren,

Iat the beginning of the week I would of never thought of marriage, but now I am secreatly married and my husband is banished!!!!!!!it all started off when my parents threw a party for a young man to try to win my heart ( this man is one my father picked) but to bad for him because at the party I saw another boy and we fell in love, but there is one problem.. he is a monatgute. Now we are seacratly married and my husband has also lkilled my cousin and is now banished what do I do?????

I seems to mwe that you are just a young girl who is going to do anything you want to disobey your father. I think the big question here is, do you love your husband, if you do be brave and run away with him and start a life together. If you do not and you think you love him because in your eyes anyone look good compared to the man you father picked then you have to tell him that and say that you are willing to marry if you can have some say in who you will marry.

Romeo and Juliet Newspaper

Tybalt’s obituary,

On June 20th 1595, Tybalt Capulet a nineteen-year boy was suddenly killed by Romeo Montague during a street fight in Verona.

This young warrior was born on February 3rd 1576 to the Capulet family. His was deeply loved by his surviving family; lord and lady capelet and Juliet Capulet, who has been crying over his loss for days.

This young man was a loyal and a strong aggressive fighter. Tybalt Capulet was a wonderful man who stood up for what he believed in even if others disagree he was always confident with his actions.

His body now lays in the Capulet monument with his soul lying in heaven but his legacy lives on in the Capulet family’s hearts.

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