Crucible Newspaper Ideas

The Salem Times ESTABLISHED 1684 WITCHCRAFT IN SALEM! SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS APRIL 11th, 1692 REVEREND PARRIS CLUTCHES HIS BEWITCHED DAUGHTER BETTY. DEMONS ON THE LOOSE??? BEtty Parris, daughter to Reverend Parris, fell ill last night with symptoms that speak to witchcraft. Betty lay inert in her bed, only to wake screaming for her late mother and attempting to fly out of her bedroom window. Doctor Griggs evaluation was witchcraft to the dismay of Rev. Parris. It is believed that he spotted Betty, her cousin Abigail, and many other girls dancing in the woods-one of them naked!

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They were chanting around a fire with Parris’s maid Tituba! She may be questioned soon.

Now poor Betty Parris is bewitched and the entire town of Salem fears for its life. WANTED! MAY 20th, 1692 PICTURED ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT: ELIZABETH PROCTOR, REBECCA NURSE, MARTHA COREY, GILES COREY, SARAH GOOD MANY MORE HAVE BEEN ACCUSED AND ARE WANTED BY JUDGE DANFORTH WANTED FOR WITCHCRAFT??? Elizabeth Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, Martha and Giles Corey, and Sarah Good sound like the names of well-respected members of Salem.

However, they and many others are anted for witchcraft.

They have been accused by others in the community who suspect them of trucking with the devil. The accused will be arrested today and brought to the Jail where they will await their trial. Judge Danforth is quick with the pen on signing death warrants, to the dismay of the accused. Many fear that they too will be arrested and sent to Jail.

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No one is safe from Jail or witchcraft in Salem. JOHN PROCTOR A LECHER! COURTROOM MADNESS??? JUNE 28TH, 1692 John Proctor is a convicted lecher! A Salem Times source confirms that while in the ourtroom, Mr.

Proctor divulged an alarming contession-ne is a lecher! He claimed to be romantically involved with Abigail Proctor, niece of Reverend Parris who began the witchcraft rumors in Salem. Proctor told Judge Danforth this to prove that Abigail accused Goody Proctor unjustly. To see if there was any proof to this statement, Danforth called in Elizabeth proctor from Jail and asked her if her husband was a lecher. She stated that he wasn’t, contradicting her husbands confession. Proctor then erupted in a fit, startling everyone present in the courtroom.

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