Revamping the NCAA Football Franchise 

A restart to this video game could mean compensation for players, students, and also school administrators to better the schools. “It has generated more than $1.3 billion in sales just within the United States, according to a market research and tracking firm, The NPD Group Inc.” (Groves, 2013) The game made over a billion dollars in sales in the US and that money can be paid directly to the school and then to the student-athletes used in it as well. “It’s certainly up for debate whether any royalty generated and distributed — as of the last agreement, around $10 million total went to schools — would have to be distributed to all student-athletes, which significantly lowers the individual payout each athlete would get.

” (Groves, 2013) With the reproduction of this game, payouts will be made to support the athletes and fund college programs. The money goes through the schools to be given to the players even if this was a small amount every player would get what they deserve.

Lawsuits were the reason that EA sports stopped producing the game and athletes disagreeing with the compensation also played a part but this generation is willing to sacrifice to have the game franchise back that we remember. Lastly, resurrecting this game will lead to another decade of sports fanatics enjoying the video game that will bring happiness and excitement for years to come. Bringing the college football video game series back could benefit not only the world of sports but also help school institutions financially.

Finding a company to develop the game will not be hard but finding one that doesn’t want to take on the lawsuits and complaints is the problem.

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“Two Alabama residents reportedly are going to try to raise $850,000 on Kickstarter at the beginning of September to begin making their own game by far 2019.” (Rovell, 2016) Numerous people started petitions and raised money to start another college football game such as the two people from Alabama. “But beyond securing the licenses, it will be hard to make a quality game and set up distribution similar to what EA had accomplished. That is unless Sony or Microsoft wants to get involved. What’s their incentive? It may pay for console makers to use the game to sell the consoles. Imagine how many could be sold with an exclusive NCAA football game bundle.” (Rovell, 2016) To have the same quality or even better a developer has to have the money and the capabilities to create a game that is worth the money and worth the wait. To have a successful game, one must have to have the technology and power to put out a game worthy of the buyer and give them the perfect experience which is how this game will benefit the country. Finally, for the game to be successful money has to be spent to make more money. A company big enough has to be responsible for putting out this video game for there to be compensation to everybody.

Also, the game served as a great recruiting factor to make young adults want to attend college and aspire to play football and become athletes. “Several athletic department sources suggested that the lack of an NCAA football game, in particular, has been detrimental to the sport, as young players have had to gravitate to other games.” (Rovell,2016) Gamers are forced to purchase other sports games which will provoke them to play other sports such as basketball, soccer, and baseball. “One AD wondered aloud whether schools would be willing to forgo their royalties and put the money into getting a game back on the shelves. He wondered how many kids have started watching European soccer games instead of college football on Saturdays as a result of playing EA’s FIFA game.” (Rovell, 2016) The athletic director was for giving up his royalties and putting money into restarting the game and wondered if the kids who loved the game were moving on to other sports instead of football. Football is one of the top sports in the world and with all the sports video games in the world there is competition so with the lack of a college football game people will start to focus on other sports. Although this sport is here for years to come it could be years before we have another college football game because companies are so fearful of lawsuits.

The main reason why the game left and possibly will not come back is because of the ongoing legal issues that no one wants to be a part of. “Electronic Arts and the CLC settled their way out of the lawsuit in 2013 for $60 million, which was a bargain considering the parties were looking at possible exposure in the range of $1 billion.” (Wiedly, 2018) Companies paid millions and maybe even billions to pay for using the likeliness of players and the schools in the video games and stopped the production of the game altogether. “Because there is still no system in place to directly pay players for their likenesses, college sports video games are not a viable investment for major video game publishers. There’s no ability to build an authentic college sports video game — or one that consumers would find appealing without the licenses.” (Wiedly, 2018) Without the right licenses to pay players and the school a good college football cannot be developed, meaning since there is no company willing to get the rights to these then no one will make money if not handled correctly. Since no company is willing to take on the pressures of lawsuits and shoveling out millions of dollars there is no sign of a college football game coming soon, but also if one was willing to produce a game it would make sense for them to be a powerful company to profit and make a great game. With that being said not having a college video game has saved a lot of money for Electronic Arts but deprives the world of a very impactful video game.

In conclusion, there are many positives and negatives to the game coming back. The positives are that lovers of the game would get to enjoy and play it for a long time to come and would pay the price to receive what they have been asking for. A negative to the game coming back would be players complaining about not receiving enough money for being in the game. “Players who discussed their compensation checks in public were scrutinized on social media by fans of the game, and the man who lent his name to the fight for athlete royalties, Ed O’Bannon, also drew a lot of criticism.” (Rovell, 2016) Coaches and other important factors to the team would not receive money because college football coaches have some of the highest salaries in the United States.

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