Baskin Robbins Franchise

Baskin Robbins Franchise

Started in 1945 by two brothers-in-law Irvine Robbins and Burton Baskin, Baskin-Robbins has developed from two separate stores owned by the two entrepreneurs to one of the biggest ice cream franchising companies in the United States of America. They officially named the company Baskin-Robbins in 1953 and merged to introduce different flavors for each day of the month. Presently, the company has its headquarters in Massachusetts and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. There are plans to expand the company’s outlets across the United States and internationally (Liebenson, paragraph 6).

Baskin-Robbins has over 5500 stores globally with 3,358 of these within the United States of America. In these other countries, the company specializes in local flavors that the consumers there will easily enjoy. Baskin-Robbins came up with the franchising project many years ago, a model that has proven to be successful over the years looking at the amount of successes the company has achieved. However, it is important to note that the company does not offer sub-franchising terms to possible franchisees.

To counter this restriction, the franchisees are allowed to grow other outlets within their prescribed territories. There are preferred types of locations where franchisees are advised to build their outlets. These include regional malls, free-standing buildings and strip centers. This franchising initiative has enabled many growing entrepreneurs to associate themselves with a successful company over the years, and see how their input has developed the company.

Burton Baskin

Where the franchisee needs financial aid in making his dream come true, the company has developed several mechanisms in collaboration with some financial institutions to provide loans for franchisees.

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Examples of the types of loans on offer are equipment loans, real estate loans and business acquisition loans ( paragraph 49).

Name: : Lab Number:

Summary Franchise Form

Name of Franchise: Baskin-Robbins Franchise

Ownership of Franchisor: Publicly Traded? : Yes

Stock Exchange: Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Stock Price in $: on February , 2013.

Franchise Locations: Regional: 554 National: 3,358 International: 6000

How Many Locations: 8600

Any Locations in Billings? Yes If Yes, How Many 2

How Does One Become An Owner Of A Franchise (Franchisee)? Explain Briefly:

Costs: Least net price of $ 300,000. Cash Input of $ 100,000.

Mean total input of $ 250,000.



Other fees:

First franchise contribution: $ 40,000 Mean franchise contribution: $40,000

Advertising charge: $ 5%

Estimated Annual Income for a franchisee site: $290, 554

Territory Exclusion? No. Explain: This is to encourage competition between the different outlets as they promote company products.

Are You Doing Your Presentation On An International Franchise? Yes

Country: Unites States of America. City: Massachusetts, Canton

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Baskin Robbins Franchise
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