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In the movie Incredibles 2, the issue of illegalized heroes and supers is discussed and contended, but the answer is simply this; heroes vanquish villains and reduce damages that are made by both villains and criminals. They lessen crimes and solve problems that the public, or the police, cannot. Creating sponsors for causes, jobs for ambassadors, as well as being the idols of the cities and towns are some of the things that the supers do. Though some of these heroes work on their own accord or band together secretly, the notion stays the same.

The supers in The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 should never have been illegalized in the first place.

Heroes resolve conflicts and issues within their city, and crime is reduced where those heroes roam. For example, one day Mr. Incredible stopped a car containing armed criminals, saved a cat from a tree, like a cliché, saved a railway train from crashing, stopped a suicide, nabbed a thief, and had encounters with Bomb Voyage and Incrediboy.

He was able to do all of that before his wedding and even Frozone had cut down the damage from a helicopter crash a few blocks away. In many other movies, the hero or protagonist is busy with saving the world or stopping a crime, or solving a mystery that, ultimately, helps the city or plot. If there were no heroes, then more crime would be abundant, and the police would have to work overtime.

Believe it or not, heroes provide jobs for civilians and are great idols.

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For example, Edna Mode and Galbauki were super-suit designers while Winston Deavor was a sponsor and supporter of the supers. Rick Dicker was somewhat of a protector of the superfamilies, the Ambassador went and tried to bring lasting peace to the supers, and Evelyn Deavor, though a villain, was an inventor that made gadgets for supers to use. Superheroes were also regarded as heroes, or ‘gods’ as Edna describes them. In the movie The Incredibles, there is a scene where Mr. Incredible views all his trophies and collectibles throughout his ‘glory days.’ In that scene, there is a child’s drawing of Mr. Incredible saving a school bus with many ‘thank you’s on the paper. Deciphering the meaning of the drawing shows that the children saved were grateful and regarded Mr. Incredible as their hero.

Going further into the subjects, heroes also stop the bigger villains and reduce damages caused by them. The police force and military aren’t enough in some cases, that is when heroes are called to arms. Admittedly yes, there is a lot of damage that costs billions of dollars and that is hard to fix, but what would’ve happened if no heroes had come to help at all? Incredibles 2 shows that heroes cause a lot of damage and that they should never intervene in any more affairs. But if they hadn’t there would be more deaths and destruction. In the first movie, the Incredibles family stops the sidekick-turned-villain Syndrome and his powerful robot. In the second, the family stops the Screenslaver and reduces damages caused by the Underminer. Alastair additionally stops a runaway train and saves the Ambassador from a hijacked helicopter attack.

In conclusion, heroes play a large role in keeping the cities and people safe. They stop villains, reduce damages, provide jobs, resolve conflicts, and much more. Heroes should’ve never been made illegal in the first place in those movies and should never be illegalized again.

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