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Design accomplishment for unforeseen discrepancies
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Design accomplishment for unforeseen discrepancies for betterstructural strength and fatigue life of helicopter structuresKalinga Gulbarga, Senior Manager(D), A.T.Rao , DGM(D) Stress Group, RWRDC,HALAbstract/Summary :Airborne structural parts are designed for critical operating flight and landing load conditionsfollowing the certification guide lines for enough strength and rigidity. But in the development testenvironments they will be subjected to loads differently than expected in the operating life unexpectedlyleads to premature fatigue failures. Instances like fastener loosening due to loss of positive lock inprimary attachments…...
Swift Company Was Organized On March 1
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No Cloth used to make drapes. 4. Production superintendent’s salary. 5. Wages of laborers assembling a product. 6. Depreciation of air purification equipment used to make furniture. Janitorial salaries. 8. Peaches used in canning fruit. 9. Lubricants for production equipment. 10. Sugar used in soft-drink production. I I Property taxes on the factory. 12. Wages of workers painting a product. 13. Depreciation on cafeteria equipment. 14. Insurance on a building used in producing helicopters. 15, Cost of rotor blades used…...
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