Chadwick The Time I Rode On the Back of a Motorcycle

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When I was about seven years old I was introduced to motorcycles by my uncle on my mothers’ side and I fell in love. My uncle had a purchased a few dirt bikes that I and my younger cousins were taught to ride on. When he first purchased the dirt bikes they had training wheels on them. Two of the dirt bikes were manufactured by Sukiyaki and were white and blue with a 50 c motor which isn’t really that powerful, and two 70 c bikes that were manufactured by Honda which were red and white.

We practiced riding the Sukiyaki bikes with the training wheels on them for months until we thought we were ready to take the training wheels off. My uncle thought that we should master the 50 c bikes before we moved onto the 70 c bikes. We rode those bikes almost every day after school and on the weekends as if the bikes were going to disappear if we didn’t ride them.

My uncle owned a small piece of land that we spent our days riding around on, which was his back yard.

We would often open the front gate so that we could race from the back yard to the front from time to time. But because I didn’t live with my uncle I didn’t get to spend as much time riding the dirt bikes as my younger cousins did. They became more skilled and more knowledgeable of the bikes than I as time went on.

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I believe by the time I was eight I had finally worked my way up to the 70 c bikes which I had only dreamed of. The 70 c bikes were way more powerful than I had ever imagined and would put one of those 50 c bikes to shame in a race.

By then we were allowed to ride the bikes around the corner and back as long as we didn’t go any further. We didn’t really have to worry about any cars or anything because most of the people that lived in the neighborhood were fairly old and probably only drove their cars to the mail box and ace. We had fun riding around the small suburban neighborhood on those hot summer days. One day when we were all out riding my uncle wanted me to teach one of my younger female cousins to ride.

The two that usually rode with me were male and were about a year younger than I was at the time. So I and my younger cousin were in the backyard and I was telling her all about how to use the throttle, the brake, and when she should switch gears because there was no RPM gauge on the bike and you had to change the gears manually. So you would have to listen to the motor so that you would know when to change the gears. Once she took off she was gone, flying all around the place as if she had been doing it as long as I and my other cousins had.

After about an hour or two of riding my uncle felt as if she was ready to test her chances on one of the bigger bikes, so he told me to get one out and put her on it. So I did as I was told and went to the garage and pulled out one of the 70 c bikes because I wasn’t going to let her ride the one I was on. Once I got the bike warmed up and put her on it I explained to her that it was Just as the other bikes Just a little bit stronger. And she had on some bunny slippers that were made of a soft tone which were her house shoes.

I advised her that she would need to change those because she would need to use the brake more often on this bike rather than on the 50 c bikes. She didn’t take my advice but she told me that she wanted me to ride on the back with her because she was nervous. I was eight at the time and didn’t speedy pace and as we came to the first turn of the yard I insisted that she turn but her legs were to close the handle bars to turn or so she had said. The bunny slippers she had on were too soft to apply enough force to the brake to stop the bike.

So we went head on with my uncles’ eight foot wooden privacy fence. I don’t recall much before hitting the fence, but I do remember telling her to hit the brake. The next thing I knew was that I was on the other side of the fence lying on my back in the neighbors’ yard and my cousin was wedged between the bike and the fence. We both came out with cuts and bruises but we were okay. The moral of the story is not to ride on the back of an inexperienced rider at any time. But I haven’t ridden on the back of any bike experienced rider or not, since that day.

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