The Types of Motorcycle Accidents

The following sample essay on motorcycle accidents. It is to the advantage of motorcycle drivers to get in touch with accident lawyers after being involved in an accident. There are several accidents that motorcycle attorneys deal with. In Illinois there is no exception, the motorcycle accident attorneys in Illinois have a variety of cases that they deal with in relation to the motorcycle. The Types of Motorcycle Accidents dealt with will be explained in this article. Firstly, collision accident.

It is that which involves a head-on accident.

There are a few reasons this might be the case which includes intoxicated drivers or drivers not paying attention to traffic lights. Motorcycle riders should be most cautious when they are crossing intersections and should do whatever they can to avoid involvement in collisions. This means motorcycle riders should be on the watch for intoxicated driving in other vehicles and should always wear a helmet and other protective attire. They should also be alert and sharp in order to dodge those situations they can.

The faster an object is moving, the more serious the accident will be if a collision occurs. The vulnerable position of a motorcyclist, deprived of the frame protection that a motorist enjoys, virtually guarantees a serious injury. Secondly, T-bone accident is also known as side accident where a motorist and a car driver collide in a t-structured accident when the car fails to stop at an intersection and hits the side of the motorcycle that is lawfully proceeding through the intersection.

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This is wrong on the driver’s side since they were not careful enough to identify the motorcyclist and give him the way. This accident can cause very severe or mild injuries to the motorcyclist. Thirdly, rear-end accident. When a car follows a motorcycle too closely or fails to stop when the motorcyclist stops, then the car could hit the bike from the back and cause a rear-end crash.

A motorist is obligated to keep his vehicle under control at all times. Generally speaking, a motorist who stops suddenly is presumed liable for any accident that results. When the other vehicle is a motorcycle, however, the consequences can be particularly serious. Another includes a left-turn accident. Drivers often think riders are farther away than they really are because of the bike’s small size. Accordingly, they may try to make a left turn when they do not have enough time to do so safely and the rider may collide with the side of their vehicle. Unsafe lane changes are frequent occurrences on roads. An ill-advised lane change that would merely inconvenience a motorist, however, can cause a high-speed accident for a motorcyclist. Lastly, the sudden opening of car doors on the road.

Opening a car door into oncoming traffic can catapult a motorcyclist dozens of yards down the pavement. It is impossible to overemphasize how deadly such a mistake can be. Opened-door accidents are likely to be far more devastating for a motorcyclist. It can cause severe injuries especially if the impact was great, these injuries include brain trauma and spinal cord injuries. In conclusion, each motorcycle accident attorney needs to understand that injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents change the lives of those who are injured. The commitment to compensation should be highly upheld. In order to recover compensation for injuries related to a motorcycle accident, the injured party has the burden of establishing that the driver who caused the crash was negligent. Driver negligence can cover situations where the driver was distracted, speeding or intoxicated. The attorney should help their client get rightful compensation.

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The Types of Motorcycle Accidents
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