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Is not against the ART as oppose to catholic church. The church believes in moral status to the embryo and believes that a moral status can only be given to an individual with a well¬ established personality(Church of England Board of Social responsibility,1984; Rizk,2012). Consequently, it allows assisted reproductive techniques, IVF and ET and allows the doctors to use sperm obtained after masturbation. The Church has recently accepted gamete donation by third parties, although it stated that individual Anglicans may decide not to use donor gametes.

However, the Church of England expressed concern at giving fertility treatment to single women and gay couples. When the law (Human Fertilization and Embryology HFE act) was mentioned within the British House of Lords, Lady Soultan proposed an amendment to the HFE Bill to prevent single women from getting a treatment. Her amendment was defeated by only one vote. The Church of England afterward expressed in September 2012 that “Bringing the care of an adoptive home to a destitute kid could be an altogether completely different circumstance to deciding in advance to use IVF technology to bring into the globe a toddler ‘by design’, never have a father (or mother, in the case gay men commissioning a child by IVF surrogacy).

It sends the signal that everyone has a right to a child and this ‘right’ over¬rules consideration of that child’s welfare” (Church of England, 2012).

To conclude, in this paper, I summarized the views of several religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and their varying reasons for supporting or forbidding surrogacy.

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The Catholic Church has famously opposed most forms of Assisted Reproductive Technique, as the purpose of sexual intercourse is to bear children within a marriage between a man and a woman and the Church views the child as a gift from God, not a right although the child has rights. In March 1980, Sheikh Gad al-Haq Ali Gad al-Haq, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar University granted a fatwa for the use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, which fatwa has been largely applied by his followers today. The ruling is usually in favor of assisted reproduction, but surrogacy is banned. Acceptance of surrogacy and other ART techniques differ within the Judaic community, but surrogacy is generally viewed favorably. For Orthodox Jews, surrogacy and most ART techniques are permissible.

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