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Imagine being in a situation where you are trying to choose whether to stay with the baby you carried nine months or to give it to strangers? Many options pass through your head while the clock is running, there are just a few seconds left to concentrate in the cons and pros of this situation. Thinking, if I keep the baby, I’m going to have to find a job, so I can prepare everything for him or her and pay the labor money.

But if I give it away, I will help someone find the happiness they have always been wishing for. But if I also give the baby, I will never know how it feels to have a family who you really appreciate and love. Thinking about this situation makes you think about surrogacy and its effects and if it’s worth it or not. However, people have different points of view and we should encourage ourselves to respect their points because we have never been in their shoes passing through.

Unable to carry the pregnancy to full term, unexplained pregnancy miscarries, or just health conditions that don’t allow you to have babies. On these cases there are options like surrogacy, a way to have a baby by letting other woman carry it until birth then legally receiving it. On the other hand, there is adoption although it often takes years of waiting while surrogacy only takes fourteen months to have a baby in your arms. One example is Kim Kardashian West after her two pregnancies she still wanted another girl on her family although she couldn’t have her for her health problems.

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She decided to contact a surrogate mother so she could carry the baby until birth. She didn’t truly trust on the surrogate mother, so she decided to have a close relationship with her. “would you trust another woman having your baby in her womb?’’

Common reasons why couple choose surrogacy is because of the fact that its has gain popularity and now it being accepted better than adoption. It is even being accepted were adoption is tightly controlled through long and difficult processes. Surrogacy in the United states is more common, there are now even programs for couples with available resources. You only need a type of contract that has to be signed by the future parents and by the surrogate mother. Stating that the surrogate mother is whiling to give the baby without any fighting to keep it. Including the pre- birth certificate which will be legally stating that both future parents will be fully in charge with the responsibility of the baby. The United States fertility clinics are now worldwide recognized as number nighty two from all of the world’s countries.

Because of its World’s more advanced medical system but, is it completely legal? Surrogacy in the United States is technically accepted because, of the fact that it still remains unregulated by the federal law. Depending to each state the laws vary widely for example, heterosexual couples are only allowed to use surrogacy in some states. While in other states its only permitted for couples and not for singles to have surrogacy. One fact that many people don’t know I that surrogacy is not allowed in fifty states that’s why in the United States surrogacy is considered “friendly. Texas being one of the few states who have more advances in reproduction, want to make the state a “surrogacy friendly state.” There are many medical issues with surrogacy like in any normal pregnancy, like carrying the baby to the due date until giving birth. Including the side effects every woman has during the pregnancy for example, nauseas and back pain which are usually common.

People have to consider that surrogacy is not always is carrying the baby, giving birth and then it will now go with their parent. There are many miscarries or pattern labor that can happen that’s why surrogate mothers need to be taking care of themselves. By going to their doctor appointments, drinking their prescribed medicines, and eating healthy. There are different types of surrogacies for example, In-vitro fertilization, Commercial surrogacy, and, Altruistic surrogacy. The difference with In-vitro fertilization is that the human ovum s fertilized in a lab allowing it to develop into an embryo. This is frozen and stored not being used right away. Commercial surrogacy, the agreement were more parties benefit and professional sources will recruit surrogate mothers. When mothers are recruited sources provide oversight during the pregnancy or managing clinical appointments. There are many countries that have explicit surrogacy laws and prohibit commercial surrogacy.

The surrogacy type where parties don’t benefit financially is Altruistic surrogacy, more details are that its compensated on her own out of pocket expenses. The type of surrogacy where the surrogate mother uses her own egg and is artificially inseminated using sperm from the intended father or a donor is called Traditional Surrogacy. This type is less common to Gestational mentioned before in this the family can actually help the surrogate mother. Thinking about the different types of surrogacy, in Gestational Surrogacy there are medical risks associating with IVF treatments. Because of the fact that you have to be injecting yourself with fertility mediations at home and taking medicine to regulate your menstrual cycle.

There are different prices for surrogacy, the average cost is most likely from nighty thousand to one hundred thirty thousand. The prices vary where you are located at and to how much quality you want to be assisted on. Same sex couples, wanting a family or wanting to expand their family surrogacy is the best way. The surrogacy process is not that difference with gay and lesbian couples than with same sex couples. Knowing that the process doesn’t differentiate a both future parents have to choose from who is the baby going to be biologically from. Surrogacy is complicated between same sex couples in many places.

When you want to become a surrogate mother knowing that you have all of the requirements listed above and you get chosen by a family you will have to sign a legal contract stating that you are whiling to carry the pregnancy knowing that the baby isn’t yours. While you are signing this contract, it is important to ask question for your own safety and health. Remembering that you carried the baby you don’t have any rights reserved if you signed the contract already. Many contracts require the surrogate and her husband if she has one to sign a contract that states possibilities of death before, during, and after the child is born. It is best to always buy a life insurance, although sometimes the future parents might provide it to you.

Is surrogacy covered by the insurance in the United States? Well most insurances don’t cover it because of the fact that the baby or the surrogate might have difficulties during birth. Having to pay more. But luckily there are still policies that can help you, just by paying four-hundred or five-hundred a month depending on the terms provided. Religious perspectives on surrogacy, Catholicism- Using the example of Sarah and Abraham Sarah, couldn’t have any children so she decided to send her servant Hagar to Abraham so she could have kids. Although in the catholic church surrogacy is not mentioned that much, believing that they should follow the “natural law”. This law stated that god wanted all couples to have their own babies naturally.

Buddhism in the other hand totally agrees with surrogacy because, of the fact that this religion doesn’t states that couples have to be reproducing. One of the Buddhist beliefs I that treatments Like infertility and surrogacy makes you immortal. The Buddha thought that if people “traded” human beings it wouldn’t have a good live hood because it was considered as exploitation of women. This religion only accepts surrogacy in specific situations for example, health problems for those but its not that common within the religious beliefs. For families who haven’t been in touch with their surrogates and maybe don’t know who is that surrogate who decided to give her baby to other people. The United Kingdom allows the surrogate mothers and the future parents to be in contact and have a good relationship.

Parents should let the kids visit their surrogate mothers so they can have a good relationship and accept them when they grow. Until its time to tell your kid the truth they will be concerned that they came from another mother, but they are still your son or daughter. Studies have shown that couples who keep their kids in contact with their surrogate mother have less chances of falling into depression. Compared to those parents who doesn’t keep their children in contact. Over time surrogacy has becalmed less negative although there are still many arguments going on. Because of the fact that people may consider that the surrogate mother is selling the baby.

There are many cases where the surrogate mother is not in contact this the future parents of the baby and ends falling into depression and low-self-esteem. Thinking that there isn’t any support for her and starts having the idea that “why should I have the baby then if they’re going to take it away.” There are many opinions on surrogacy for example, many disagree with it because there are other ways to have a baby like adoption. And people choose surrogacy knowing that they have to pay lots of money and have to sign many legal contracts. Surrogacy, one of the most important topics who have helped many people with particular problems like having babies. This one of the best discoveries over time now, there are more opportunities for those who have been always been wanting to have a family.

This started since 1985 in the United States until now even though, in the 1985’s it was more difficult because not everyone saw it in a good point of view everyone saw it as the worst thing someone could do. But now as it has gained popularity things have changed in different ways and people accept it more these days. In 1996 some articles appeared in the Time’s newspaper announcing the first surrogate mother stating that the infant had genetic offspring of the donor parents. Could a surrogate mother choose to keep the baby? The answer is No, once you have signed the agreement you can’t go back and also the kid is not yours you are only carrying it. Many people have different opinions about surrogacy and each opinion should be respected. infertility cases frozen donor eggs fresh donor eggs with surrogacy 37 40 74 2013 infertility cases frozen donor eggs fresh donor eggs with surrogacy 26 42 80 2014 infertility cases frozen donor eggs fresh donor eggs with surrogacy 31 64 84


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