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Makeup is no longer the beauty stereotype that people use to perceive it as like in the early years- like a woman is only wearing red lipstick just to captivate a man’s attention or that a woman wears makeup because she is insecure. People of all ages, all genders, and all backgrounds seem to have something to say about makeup, including myself I believe makeup is an art. Sure lipstick can be just that but, for others, it’s a celebration of self-expression and creativity our face is an open canvass for individuality and the possibilities are endless, it’s supposed to be fun and it’s for everyone, literally.

People all over the world are showcasing their true colors and their creative skills on their face.

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Many people view makeup as a form of covering up true beauty or trying to hide underneath it, a form of masking one’s scars and insecurities rather than an art-form. However many (myself included) don’t see makeup as one trying to be something they’re not.

On the contrary, makeup can be used to enhance features per se freckles, eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips, it’s expressive. Feeling bold? Wear a red lip. Feeling like you’re not yourself? Wear blue eyeliner. Feeling powerful? Wear red eyeshadow, there are no rules to wearing makeup and that is the true beauty of it. The author Kate Angel stated, “Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates”.

And I agree, except I also believe that cosmetics is a way showing inner beauty, one is expressing what is kept inside on their face. A person is practically using their imagination to find new ways to wear makeup, new designs, and there’s such a passion that goes with it that people found ways to make money off of putting on makeup, whether that’s on themselves or on other people. When I wear makeup I am making a statement I am expressing what I can’t express through words or perhaps feelings. Wearing bright colors on my eyes signifies happiness to me, that’s a way for me to demonstrating my mood. Makeup is on the face, you are showcasing it where everyone can see your creativity, your work of art. Individuality is important to everyone because that’s the way that distinguishes you from others, it’s what makes you–well you. Makeup is just another form of individuality it displays uniqueness. Not everyone does the same technique, and the same look, I know I don’t.

My mother always wore this beautiful dark chocolate brown lipstick and I vividly remember it because that was her signature look. People always commented on it, stating that, ‘that is an odd color for a lipstick.’ My mother never cared and still wore the lipstick regardless and I admired her for it because she decided to wear what she wanted on her face and nobody was going to change that. Since then I told myself that I would be just that, myself no matter what people say and I do it through makeup. Cosmetics is just like fashion you can dress up the way you want, why? Because that’s your style. Makeup pushes the boundaries to be yourself as an individual, it brings out your personalities, sometimes ones that you never knew you had. Even in the way you apply your makeup differentiates you. I don’t apply lipstick straight from the tube, I apply it with my fingers because I choose to do it that way. Deciding to wear makeup or not is a choice, it’s all about individual preference, and it’s nobody else’s business and no one’s right to choose what goes on your face.

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