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5 April 2019 Proactiv+ Commercial

The commercial I chose uses Adam Levine, he is promoting Proactiv plus. He testifies that his acne was terrible. Acne is a problem for people. This commercial’s target audience was anyone who is an acne sufferer. Proactiv+ offers a solution. Proactiv+ was developed by doctors and will make your skin feel amazing. This product will make its users sexy like a celebrity. The skin of Proactiv+ users will be so soft people will take notice.

The product offers its consumers a deal with a low price so its users can’t lose! This product will make its buyers more confident about themselves. It naturally makes sense that people would want to use this product, It works and has testimonials within it talking about how great the product is and how it will vastly change your appearance and life. It argues that insecurities will melt away and its users will become a better version of themselves.

There’s a few issues with the commercial. It is arguing that everyone with acne is insecure. Not everyone with acne is insecure about their appearance. If someone were insecure they probably have other issues budding and Proactiv+wouldn’t be a cure all. It appeals to vanity. Someone with acne won’t be recognized as person if they have blemishes on their face. You will be scrutinized if you have a pimply face and its unsightly. Anything unsightly must be cured.

Acne sufferers may have insecurities surrounding their acne.

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The commercial provides a false hope that if they use Proactiv+ their insecurities will be a thing of the past. There are many components at play why people have insecurities but there isn’t a cure all. Proactiv+ can’t cure a poor self image. It may boost self esteem but it wouldn’t be the only factor at work. Proactiv+ makes its users skin feel amazing. While this may be true for some users, the commercial neglected to mention anyone who may have had an allergic reaction while using this product. Coming from someone who suffers with dry and sensitive skin I would be reluctant to use this. The commercial argues that the product will make its clientele a celebrity or at least sexy like one. This is where the commercial appeals to vanity really reared its ugly head. A product alone will not offer celebrity status or make it more readily available and just because the product is being used does not open doors for celebrity opportunities or make its users more attractive.

It appeals to your senses because it offers that the skin of its users will be smooth and caressed. The skin will be touched and others will take notice, it appeals to someone that wants to be desired. It also argues the latter right now acne sufferers are lepers if they use this product it will cure the acne and dating will be easier and people will find the new improved version much more attractive or desirable. It offers a low price by comparing it to prescriptions that are usually expensive, neglecting to inform that most doctors will give you a prescription if they deem necessary and its typically low cost. It claims to save its buyers money. The buyers would actually save more money by not buying the product. Its employing a marketing technique often seen at the grocery store typically, with the word “Only” in front of a dollar amount. When this product offers this vast array of life improvements, How can someone say no? It is up to the consumer to decide whether the product seems worth it.

The commercial talks about the self confidence it’s users will gain upon using the product. It will alone cure self confidence and can make you feel good about yourself. There may be many factors why any one person doesn’t feel good about themselves to begin with, acne may be a small part compared to the bigger picture. The commercial also insinuates that people with acne don’t enjoy life. People can live fulfilling lives and did so long before these products were available to its consumers. Personality can be a factor in determining self worth. I cannot agree that an acne product can help someones internal self efficacy in any way. I do agree that perspective is important to how we respond to lives to and fros.

Proactiv+ argues that when acne sufferers use this product their insecurities will fall away and they will change. I think this is a very bold thing to say considering the only support offered is that of testimonials. Adam levine is a pretty well known musician. He is the primary speaker in the commercial and he purports that the solution is proactiv+. He claims that it was his solution. Commercials use celebrities sometimes to illustrate a point I think because they’re aesthetically pleasing to look at and people hold them to higher standards than regular joes. I think they use regular joes’ testimonies too to only illustrate that the consumer could be just like them if they too bought this extravagant multi-step acne solution.

This commercial offers to solve too many issues to its consumers. I would want to hear the real reviews that way I could ascertain if the product provided to anyone real. It could be paid actors it didn’t state anywhere in the commercial that they weren’t paid to say good things about the product. I don’t believe that this product can deliver all of what it claims to. While it may clear acne the most basic argument, I don’t believe it can do what therapists everywhere are paid to try and solve like aiding in people’s self worth and self confidence.

As we live our lives and over the course of it our self esteem changes it may take a nosedive and dip back up and there are marked changes in puberty and declines that occur with old age (Goldberg,2010,p.59). It turns out self esteem is related to our personality and sometimes our personality is agreeable, we can have changing life circumstances that affect our perspective and our self esteem (Goldberg,2010,p.61). The face we show the world is often times not our real face, we may put on a show, there is a certain appearance that is expected in public view (Fast,1970,p.64-65). That doesn’t reflect that there aren’t times we won’t let our guard down but it’s usually when we feel comfortable again (Fast,1970,p. 66-67). Most people have walls they put up regardless of status (Fast,1970,p.68-69). Personalities can mature and develop over the course of your life (Schultz Schultz,2009/2013 p. 202).

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