SCWAMP Commercial Analysis

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SCWAMP- Straight, Christian, White, Able-bodied, Male, Property-Owning. I remember once back when Miller Lite had these series of “Man Law” commercials, but at the time I did not notice that they where performing a SCWAMP analysis. “The Men of the Square Table”, consisted of Jerome Bettis (retired running back for the Pittsburg Steelers), Eddie Griffin (comedian and actor), Ty Murray (rodeo cowboy), Triple H (wrestler), Burt Reynolds (actor), and others. All these men were straight, and were not a fan of feminine ways.

For instance, the famous quote, “Man Law”. This quote made it clear if a scenario was accepted or not.

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The commercial does not really express a form of the religion, Christianity. To me it seems like the real religion here is the Miller Lite beer. I feel the beer bottle signifies the bible because the all having one sitting at the table, and toast them up when they all consider a scenario a “Man Law”. Which brings me to how the word “Man Law”, signifies something along the lines of The Ten Commandments.

Even though there are mixed races at the table, Burt Reynolds, a white man, was the moderator of the table. He has the final say on whether each scenario brought up is a “Man Law” or not.


While other people at the table of a different race, Jerome Bettis, has to question every scenario that is brought upon the table, ultimately having to settle for what ever the white man concludes is accepted or not. Also, the Latin guy who was at the table thought it was “ok” to slice a piece of lime in stick it in your beer, but was heavily contradicted by the table. Everyone at this is able-bodied except one guy, Aron Ralston who had to amputate his arm when a boulder fell on it. Even though it puts him at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes o being able-bodied, it shows a great form of being manly.

But those men that are able-bodied are athletes, actors, which demonstrate that they have to being able to perform physically at what the do. Triple H, had an occasion where he actually got mad when he thought he was not going to be able to rip his shirt off anymore, but did it anyway. Being that everyone at the table is male, and they are drinking a manly drink (beer), is more than enough evidence what Miller Lite is trying to portray. Lite beer is usually geared towards woman, but Miller Lite puts the manliest figures at a table drinking it, because Miller Lite knew it would take the feminine away from the product.

Property-Owning, goes back to the moderator of the table. Everyone at the table is dressed casually, but Burt Reynolds has a suit on. This shows that he is wealthy, and the chances of him owning something is very high. Also, shows how he is the ultimate SCWAMP at the table. He fulfills all the traits of a SCWAMP. Everyone, both male and female, can perform a SCWAMP analysis of themselves. But, females will never be able to completely meet all of the standards because to the “M” in SCWAMP. I feel that can be one of the major factors of why many feminist do not like this type of analysis, it puts every single female in a hole from the start.

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