Michael Phelps Subway Commercial

Many companies, nowadays, used many different Ideas to sell and make business. Some companies accomplished their goals by using mass media to advertised commercial and some failed to accomplished their goals because their advertisements was not attractive enough. As for Subways commercial, they used an athlete, Michael Phelps, to build up their product and business.

The commercial was well delivered on community false causes, appeal to emotion, and bandwagon because the establishment in the commercial influenced people who suspected and loved to be like Michael Phelps wanted to buy Subways products.

Michael Phelps Subway commercial expressed community false causes, because they know what they were supposed to state and what would made people who buy their product believe in it. For example, In the commercial they said that to be like Michael Phelps, people have to eat Subway. In the commercial they had Phelps swim In the pool.

As In this commercial they used Michael Phelps as ethos, since he Is a well-known athletic and very popular.

That would helped Subway made ore customers and business. Moreover, the advertisement used a strong vocal In which it gave the viewers supports and hopes. For example, a strong voice that the audience can connected to or felt it mentally without saying a phrase to them like “you can be something you wanted to be by eating Subway! ” or “you can be like your idol if you eat Subway! ” Subway did a great Job on their commercial on given a false cause that made people think that it might be true and wanted to engage deeply with it.

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In addition, Subway made the commercial as an appeal to emotion because they dad the advertisement targeted on the parents. The commercial targeted the parent by saying that if they wanted to be a good parent, they have to buy their kids Subway. The commercial used Michael Phelps mother as a good parent who loved and made her kids being success by eating at Subway. That showed pathos because It made the parents felt bad and wanted to buy their kids subway. As a result, Subway made its commercial targeted the parents which was a very successful idea, because every parent wanted their kids to be successful like Michael Phelps.

The immemorial also showed a bandwagon fallacy, because Michael Phelps stated that eating Subway has athlete everywhere. By stating “athlete everywhere” created a bandwagon fallacy because the commercial appealed to popularity and used the show as a form of validation. Also, that would affect athletes or viewer who were in the same field like Phelps. On the other hand, they were smart because they knew what they had stated were considered a fallacy but they still put it in a form of validation. In that case, things seemed like they were true and very influential.

Furthermore, they played on a dynamic music when Phelps was swimming. The dramatic music would motivate the viewers when they watched the commercial, Decease It would make teen Tell Like teen were apart It t T. I mace ten announce Tell like they were in a competitive game or the champion of the year competition. In addition, they made extra sound effect in the background where the water splashed very hard, which expressed that eating Subway will make the viewers as strong and fast as Michael Phelps. At the end of the commercial they officially showed the antacid and gave information about the size of it.

For example, the man said, “It’s a five foot long” and that showed logos, because it stated the number or size of the sandwiches to the audience. Also, he told what kind of ingredients were in the sandwiches such as bacon, turkey, avocado, and extra Jalapeño. They included the Phelps family in the advertisement and reported that, “Subway is the official training of the Phelps family”. The last background was made blue and a timing machine, which mean they wanted the audience to see that they can beat the time by eating Subway.

Correspondingly, they wanted the people who watch the commercial to pay more attention to the Phelps family and the message they were giving out. Inventing a business is not simple but by using many techniques such as community false causes, appeal to emotion, and bandwagon, would attract more customers. Together with, they used pathos, ethos, and logos as the key for the company’s commercials. Michael Phelps commercial made a good influence on athletes. Subway made the commercial expressed how healthy the sandwiches were and how strong people would be if they ate Subway like Michael Phelps.

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Michael Phelps Subway Commercial
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