"Polt" of Alfred Komarek

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The following example essay on “Polt of Alfred Komarek” is an analysis of a literary work. The article tells about the main storyline of the novel.

The fictitious Wiesbachtal in the Lower Austrian wine region is the backdrop of the detective novel “Polt”. Brunn village there is the cellar lane with their press houses and cellars where wine tasting and advice were exchanged – a ritual that could degenerate into rampant binge. But this idyll is no more; Polt for “the magic kingdom is dwindling.

” Who can afford it, has abandoned the natural wood barrels and is now turning to controlled cultivation in steel tanks.

Simon Polt, a former policeman, lives alone in his house. As radel Direction policeman, he was appreciated for his sense of justice. Deed and punishment, he pondered ever measured against each other. He talked more to his personal assessment as true to the letter of the law – he could well blind eye to let

Now, he has revive the village pub in his spare time with two friends.

. he has at least on weekends isolated villagers can stop, but usually they are their own guests a second job as an assistant in the department store of the woman Habesam that is bound after a stroke to a wheelchair. Because it is also because little customers, their products have long been stored on the expiration date. But Mrs. Habesam nothing comes to. As efficient businesswoman lets Polt as repackage an old salt cucumber barrel. The have to give away, the other one can “Just arrived” with a sign offering cheap rate

Polt is in league with the teacher Karin Walter.

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Now he is even father -. A happy event indeed, but getting married is another subject on which he did not really think. We enjoy a moody, sensitive social study of a landscape in which people are rooted for generations and it has shaped. They are stubborn and cranky and form a closed village community, the award is nothing.

Slow to detail Komarek developed his novel, and the idyll cracks. There are people with existential fears and those who are not afraid of crime and brutality. A mystery that connects a few villagers, is behind the unknown dead, which is just found in the garden of the policeman Norbert Sailer. Not very exciting, but due to the leisurely course of action, the murder is solved.

The novel gets its authenticity by the Austrian language style Komareks, who was born in Bad Aussee. Charming, lovely to semi-dry, like the Lower Austrian wine, and harmonious finish.

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"Polt" of Alfred Komarek
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