Book "Nikolausi" by Gerhard Polt

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A Christmas celebration book is not. Whether its author has something about it, the birth of Jesus to celebrate, may be doubted. It is clear that he means what people have made this birthday party abhors. Since Gerhard Polt over forty years ago reüssierte as a comedian, he has at least twenty-five gathered in this booklet texts on the subject written (stories and satires, a poem, sketches and mini-plays, some developed in cooperation with Hanns Christian Müller and unfortunately all without source and / or annual data).

Many of them are the Polt fan be familiar, such as the title-giving skit in which a toddler keeps the Osterhasi for Nicholas and the despairing at the correction of the mistake father drives up in gray areas of rational discourse and educationally reasonable ( “Rotzbub naughty … I equal lubricating you a”) keep the text, what one expects when the gruff cult cynics Satiriker, Spötter, actor, singer and Bayer knows.

First they deceive harmlessness or idyll, then flips the trapdoor, and peculiar creatures staring at us: home-style hypocrisy, the tricks of the consumer industry, a relentless bureaucracy, frozen under the pressure cheerful obligations relationships, lightheadedness, lack of understanding, selfishness and greed between round sounding phrases of joy, contemplation, charity and charity.

In several variants plays Polt by Mietnikolauswesen. (Mostly students) day laborers on the one hand the mercy of the tightness of their disinterested adult clientele and any arbitrariness of their brazen child’s audience, on the other hand, they are battered piece workers.

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In this triangle is much room for situation comedy, sarcasm and revolution. The author of the best as he lost the age of nine as a witness a child’s coup attempt in the ultra-Catholic Altötting his fear of Nikolaus and Krampus.

The staff of the stories is limited to recurring types:. On the edge of their potential kicking workers , scary cozy ordinary people, working officials, crafty child, desperate drunken petty bourgeois successful in character and spiritually impoverished Manager, soulless, shamelessly materialistic wives (great naive, is one that turns the stomach: the wife of an arms producers, who tells stories about business).

All this Polt demonstrates the known poisonous tone that curdle the comedy of characters, situations, behaviors and dialogues to biting criticism. As the Christmas theme also coarse vulgarities and excessive alcohol encouragement. Still can not prevent in reality. More Reviews beautiful: Books and music CDs for the Advent and Christmas time, see Books and music for the Advent and Christmas season on books reviews “.

Your full effect Polt satires by the stage-proven design of the characters by their speech. While the inflated Phrasendrescher unravels his swollen phrases in High German (as with Ludwig Thoma, but here it is not necessarily a Preiß ‘), tap the underdogs awkward through the idiom wrestle in vain for the right word, its syntax will be in vain until she resigned give up (reminiscent of Karl Valentin). Behind sinnfrei gelallten or helpless stammering dialogues emptiness or deformation of the figures can be seen.

In the Verschriftung automatically merges Polt Bavarian with the cabaret -. Reading you can hear the bruised Näselstimme, sees the gestures of strong hands, grimacing, the treacherous eyes flashing. If you hearken well, you find between satire tips sometimes golden little light flashing – small traces of spilled festive joy, contemplation and philanthropy as Polt could perhaps experience until the Altöttinger children insurgency him all illusions robbed.

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